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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'s only Tuesday!

"You've got to be f*cking kidding me!!"

The above is the response that I wanted to send to my boss in regards to her latest email to me.

Nuff said.

So the weather is mucho crap out. Half rain - half snow - half shit. Okay I made the last part up. But seriously it's blowing hard. I'm in a 'nothing can please me' kind of pms mood. I'm sorry but is pms not the worse thing ever? The other night I was putzing around while Keith was trying to make dinner, during this I went and grabbed my pills and looked at them "Aha! This is why I'm cleaning - stupid pms - right on schedule". Nothing should ever be this predictable.

Some f*cker just hung up in my ear. Bastard. I'm at reception yet again. I will say no more.

Yesterday I just bought the most expensive bra of my life. Over $100. I went for my bra sizing experience and the lady who did it works for some small company that is based out of the U.S. I haven't decided if it's the best decision I've made or if I'm a complete schmuck yet. It's a toss up. I go through moments where the bra is great and comfy and then others where I want to tear the thing from my body. Blasted big boobs.

Have you ever started an entry and then just wanted to delete it cause you're feeling like you want to blow the world up? Just me?

So I think I'm a tad testy right now. Work is pissing me off beyond belief. I am so looking forward to being away from it for 2 solid weeks. It was brought to my attention that I have never taken 2 weeks off in a row since I've been here. I. can. not. wait. to. get. out. of. here.

To think....only a year ago I loved my job. Back when my boss was sane. Go figure. I swear it's getting to the point where I'm just not caring. I'm late - I don't care. I leave early - I don't care. I drive and park in the visitors spots (a big no no around here) - I don't care. I basically feel like I'm being f*cked over so really I'm beyond caring. Although this is pms speaking - so stay tuned to when reality intrudes on my f*ck them attitude.

I left for a moment and then suddenly got sucked into playing 8 games of tri-peak - my bad.

What else is new? Our girls weekend went really well. The bachlorette was actually fun and C and T said that they found her more fun than S. That's not too cool but when S gets drunk she can be pretty annoying. There's really not to much I can write about the know the saying 'what happens in vegas stays in vegas?' Same goes for strip clubs too!

I had an ephinany the other day. I was thinking about S and my 'tude towards her. I was thinking back to the weekend and how some of the stuff she did annoyed me. It was then that I realized what bugs me about her. I can spend tons of time one on one with S. We get along great. But when we're with a group of girls or even just a group of people she...well she starts to do this bitchy thing. It's hard to put into words. She'll say something snarky or say a funny put down in front of others. It makes the person she's doing it to feel uncomfortable and gets them pissed off. Looking back I can see she mostly does it with me. I haven't quite figured that part out yet. Maybe cause anyone else would tell her to f*ck off and then go on. But in her defense (sort of) our other friend K is really bad for this. I think S has picked up her habit, maybe without knowing it, I'm not sure. But anyway that was just something that hit me the other day. It made me feel a bit better realizing that I'm not the worse friend ever for my feelings towards S and our friendship. I'll think I'll run this by C next week when we meet for dinner. She's been around S enough to be able to know if this is whats happening or not.

Well tri-peaks is calling me. I figure it's either play this game all day or sit here and compose really nasty emails to my boss in my head and then get so worked up about it I actually write one and press send! That would just be bad...but would feel ohh so good....up until the pink slip comes of course.

2:19 p.m. - 2004-02-03


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