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My week thus far

Oh where to start. For being sick I'm having a pretty good week thus far. My cold came in full force on Saturday - yay the weekend...just in time - not. So most of the weekend was spent complaining to my boy about how sick I was. He listened and even sympathized occasionally. Although I did have to make my own chicken soup - and then promptly ended up spilling the entire pot all over me and the floor (minus the bowl I had just poured for myself). I got some good sympathy's then. Monday morning rolled around and I decided to stay home - good thing - I slept the whole day. I did manage to go out for dinner with C and T to celebrate C's b-day. Good times. Tuesday I dragged my butt into work and my boss sent me an email that pissed me off so I took advantage of my sickness excuse and left around noon. I take my shots where I can.

Of course I didn't laze around when I got home, I ended up doing 3 loads of laundry, tons of dishes and cleaning my bedroom. Tiring. During all this it hit me that I really really want a house. I don't want to live in an apartment anymore. Living in 2 rooms just isn't cool. I do have a lot of stuff but if you put it all in a house I would have to BUY more to fill the house. Oh and having a washer and dryer not be 3 floors down would be a dream! So now I just have to convince my boy to marry me asap so we can start mega saving for a house. Good thing I like challenges!

Okay back to week. Yesterday we had a meeting with the boss which went okay. Basically we all took turns telling her how stupid her ideas and emails have been lately. Loverly. Last night Keith met me after work (I love when he does that!) and we walked back to my place. He had done a bit of shopping during the day. He bought a mixer...I know very exciting...but he bought it in order to make me low fat chocolate mousse! Then he brings out this all natural weight lose package thingy that he purchased for me cause I had been all complainy and whiny about the upcoming wedding I'm going to and how I'm gonna be a hippo walking down the isle. He totally disagrees with me but went out and bought this stuff for me - after reading all the ingrediants and making sure it was okay for me THEN we went out and bought a crap load of 'good' food to combine with it. I'm not quite sure what I did to deserve this guy - but I'm keeping him!

I quickly ate dinner and then went swimming with T. We met up with S who I had neglected to call back to let her know I was going...I know I know I'm a bad friend. But I was thisclose to not going. But I'm glad I did. When I got home I had the chocolate mousse and watched Gilmore Girls - seriously I was in heaven!

Today I woke up from seriously weird dreams that all involved aspects of what's happening in my life (or some tv that I was watching). The most memorable was that I was a single mom (my kid kept changing back and forth from a toddler to a teen) and I was at my friend S's wedding (she had another one - probably for the money - heh). Yah so that was the dream I woke up from this morning - oh so happy that it was all a dream.

Then this morning the best surprise of all. Our receptionist came up to me with a box of flowers. She said they were for me and I asked if she was sure. Then she said she wasn't! She was pretty sure my name was on the slip she signed but I made her doubt herself. So she made me open the box carefully to find out if they were indeed for me...and they were! A dozen red roses from my boy. For valentines. That made my day. I've never got flowers at work before. I like firsts. And just the fact that he did this for me makes me go all smushy inside. Now I can't wait for him to get his valentines present. But I will say no more! Loose lips since ships.

Yah so that's my week thus far. Not to bad if I do say so myself.

Oh...and I'm wearing my super bra today. For some reason I just feel more 'lifted' when I wear it. Heh. If nothing else, I crack myself up.

12:49 p.m. - 2004-02-12


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