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Friday the 13th...spooky...not

I'm walking down the street and every second person seems to be carrying a plastic bag with something red in it - ah valentines. Hah...last minute shoppers! I've had mine for a while. And I'm so excited to give Keith his present tomorrow. He better like it...that's all I'm saying. As for me I already got my gifts. So I'll just be the giver not the reciever. Yesterday while I was on the phone with Keith after work, he told me that the other part of my gift was already in my apartment, after a small goose chase, he told me where to find it. It was a cute card and a ton of chocolates! It's like he knows me or something. So I put the chocolates in the fridge - cause my apartment is like an oven and they're probably already all melted! I've yet to eat one - go me!

Have you ever noticed when you're trying to save money, it makes you want to spend more? No? Just me? I went out at lunch just to get out of the building and stayed away from the dollar stores - when it's 'only a dollar' things can accumulate fast. So instead I went into Bargain Bargain, I'm trying to think of ideas to get my mom for her b-day. I saw this cute dolphin heavy fluffy blanket for only $20 - I was soooo close to buying it. I would walk away a step or two and then step back and feel it, they also had a sun one and a tiger one, I was racking my brain to think of who had a b-day coming up (besides my mom) that would like a blanket like this. No one! And this was a good deal. I did think of S who would probably like the sun one but her b-day is in May and she has a lot of blankets already. T's b-day is in April but I don't think any one of those blankets would really appeal to her - booze is more her style! But the dolphin one - me! I would enjoy it. But alas I gave myself a stern talking to - I don't 'really' need the blanket practically speaking and I really do want to start saving some actual cash so I unclunched the blanket and walked away. I will not go back in on Monday to see if it's gone or not...really I won't. sigh.

So Survivor last night was so sad. Oh man. T hosted Survivor at her place - funny story - she has a huge tv in her living room - her satellite was down certain channels - so the 4 of us ended up sitting on her bed watching this tiny tv. Good intentions. But we were all totally making fun of Jenna (I think that's her name!) for leaving cause her mom was ill and she had a 'feeling'. Of course at the end of the show it has a little add-on that 8 days after she got home her mom passed away. Of course the other 3 kept making fun of it. But I swear if they weren't there I would have totally been bawling. I don't know what it is, but as soon as anyone mentions moms and dying - my heart lurches. I've almost lost my mom twice and it seems that not a day goes by that I don't think about what could happen to her.

Okay enough of that. I'm gonna make myself weepy while I'm sitting here at reception!

I hope everyone has a great Valentines - whether they're paired up or not. Last year at this time I was a single gal and I was dreading this day but it turned out to be a really good day. I dyed my hair for the first time ever and kicked back and drank with my girls - pretty good if I do say so myself. This year? Well this year I may be nursing my sick boyfriend, who I gave my cold too, but I'm still not complaining. I guess love does that to ya.

1:34 p.m. - 2004-02-13


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