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It's Monday one day closer to Friday!

Ah Monday. It hasn't been that bad a day. But I'm also counting down the days of this week cause come Friday I am on vacation - for 2 weeks - woo!

I just got back from the Sears Outlet. I went looking for a simple pair of slip on shoes that I can wear on my trip down to NS. I know it's an odd thing. But I don't want to wear my winter boots inside the van for 8 hour stretches at a time. I can kick them off but if I'm driving then I'm forced to wear something. I didn't find anything suitable. Well I should say suitably in my price range. Now I'm thinking of alternatives - maybe digging through my shoes at home and finding something that will do - probably sneakers. Anywho I was walking through the outlet nice and fast so I wouldn't be tempted to look around at all the good deals and find something I 'just couldn't resist'. So of course I run smack into a nice rack of winter coats. Roots. Black and Grey. $107. My size. I still walked away empty handed. Although to be fair the coat was snug. Although any coat I try on is gonna feel snug to me. The coat I wear now is huge. I could wear 2 of my biggest sweaters and still have room. It's a comfort thing. Plus I got the coat for free from Pepsi (when they had pepsi points way back in the beginning). It's probably a man's coat but it's suited me well. The only real problem I have (besides the fact that I sometimes look like I'm drowning in it) is that it's definately function over fashion. It's far from stylin'.

Btw just in case a certain guy is reading this....I do not want the coat...I was just looking. You see, in my last entry I wrote about the dolphin blanket and how I was close to buying it but resisted. Skip forward to Friday evening after I picked up Keith and we did a little shopping for dinner. Once back at my place Keith whips out this bag that he was hiding with his coat - it was the dolphin blanket. He had read my entry, went downtown and bought it before I showed up at his place after work. What a guy.

So I had decided Friday that I wanted to bake a cake for Keith as a surprise. Of course I didn't have any batter or icing etc. I didn't pick it up when we went and picked up some groceries cause I wanted it to be a surprise. I was stumped about what to do except shop at the 24h store when I dropped him off at work. Luckily as he was making dinner, he was making baked potatoes and chicken. I love baked potatoes especially with sour cream - which I was all out of - DING - the perfect excuse to leave. Okay it was a little lame but I was desperate - so I jumped in the car drove to Central and bought my cake fixin's along with the sour cream. As soon as I dropped him off at work I went home and mixed, and scraped, and beat my little heart out. While the cake was baking I cleaned off my kitchen table (I haven't seen it in a few months - it's covered with so much crap). I put on a red table cloth and the 3 vases it took to hold my roses and then placed his present and card along with the cake on the table. Yah he was pretty surprised when he came in at 7:30 that morning. We didn't get back to sleep so we decided to get up and have some breakfast and so Keith could open his gift. I made him open the box first - it was a chocolate heart with gummy bears inside. Then I made him open the card with his real present - it's was tickets for Mamma Mia which is part of a package deal "Time for a little T.O." in which it includes a night a hotel and dinner and also a visit to the CN tower. Now I'm pretty sure he was happy but men are a weird species. They don't do the girly squeel or jump up and down with excitement like us women do. They play it cool. I was hoping for a little more pizzaz but I'm just happy that he likes it and didn't think it was over the top or something he didn't want to do!

We ended up going back to bed for a few hours cause 3 hours wasn't enough sleep for me and 0 wasn't enough for him. We planned to go out in the afternoon but our plans were sped up when Keith accidentally sprayed pepper spray in my apartment. This was given to me by Rob a long time ago when he went through his paranoid stage. I had never used it but had found it in a box and left it out. Before long both Keith and I were coughing so hard we thought we were gonna pass out. Of course in between coughing we were laughing our asses off at the stupidity of it all. We got out of the apartment as fast as we could and then went out and bought some groceries for dinner that night. Which was amazing by the way. It was lobster tail, garlic (jumbo) shrimp and stuffed mushrooms. Seriously I was in orgasmic mouth heaven. Man I love seafood! It was a wonderful valentines day. Perfect. Except for him being sick of course. Just doing these simple things with him made me realize how much he means to me. In all my other relationships I wanted my boyfriends to show me how much they loved me - I pretty much demanded they do something. Anything. To show me they loved me. Obviously looking back there was a problem in all of these relationships that I needed them to show me on this one day how much they loved me. But I realized with Keith I didn't need that. I know how much he loves me. He shows me by all the little things he does for me everyday. Don't get me wrong, I love valentines and having a special day just to take the time to say to the person you're with how much they mean to you -but I know longer put so much emphasis on it. I no longer have to.

Now to end this extra long entry - I'll tell you about my car's near death experience last night. As I was dropping a sick Keith off at work last night I parked in front of his truck as I normally do when we looked up and saw an 18 wheeler coming towards us very slowly. We both expected him to move. NOpe he steadily made his way towards us. Finally it hit me that he wasn't gonna stop, so I put the car in reverse and then did a little manuever around him. The truck never stopped. He kept making his turn as if we were never there. My heart was beating triple time. I mean I'm pretty sure once he heard the crunch of the car he would have finally applied some brakes but man was it close. It's like I could almsot hear the crunching and was just waiting for it to happen - luckily my over-protective nature of my car kicked in and we somehow got out of his way. I wish I could know what he was thinking - was he looking another way and totally didn't see us, was he having problems with his brakes? Oh and after I found out - I would hit him for scaring me.

2:08 p.m. - 2004-02-16


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