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A catch-up before I'm outta here!

I should be outside - it's something like plus 3 out - tropical! But I fear this may be my only chance to get add an entry for at least 2 weeks. This week has flown by (even though I've always been one day ahead of myself). Every day has been spent rushing through, showing my co-workers how to do what I do then rushing into really boring meetings that I have to attend. Exlcuding yesterdays team meeting - I like when my whole team gets together especially sans manager - a good ol' bitching session can occur. I have another boring meeting to go into directly after lunch and last time it lasted 2 hours which left me enough time to run around like a crazy woman trying to finish my work and then logging off. As for tomorrow I am coming in but I'm also leaving early - 3:00 or 3:30 - I haven't decided which yet. I just listened to a message from my massage therapist who confirmed my appt. for 4pm tomorrow - yes! A good way to start a vacation if I do say so myself. Today after work I'm going to my chiro's appt. I figure I have to be relaxed - almost 2 weeks with my parents! I know they'll be quizzing me about my future plans with Keith. Oh joy.

I recieved a jerk email from my ex P. Basically he's mocking me for not moving in with Keith and for asking 'permission' to move in with him. Sometimes I want to deck the guy (okay pretty much whenever I think of him). He's always been a jerk - but when we dated he at least toned it down for me - you know the whole sex thing and all. Yah so basically my response to him was:

"...but considering my mom has had 2 major heart attacks and my dad has had cancer it's not worth alienating myself from them, even for a short while so that I can shack up with my boyfriend. I already know Keith is the one and we do intend on getting married down the road so it's not like it was an either/or situation. We're still together and things are still great. Nuff said."

That was a direct quote - I was to lazy to paraphrase. I really wanted to ad on at the end "so you can kiss my ass, idiot supreme". But that might have been going to far.

Anywho on to something else. I had a dream I was killing people last night...okay maybe I wasn't doing the killing - but I had a hand in it. Very bizzare. It also included someone who's journal I read on a regular basis. I've never met the person and she was in my dream - very bizzare. Don't worry she wasn't the one I was killing! Man, I don't think I should have started this whole topic! Let me sum up by saying, I am not crazy, and I will not kill know in self-defense.

Next subject. I'm rushing through here cause time be damned I'm gonna get outside and breath in some fresh air before my meeting if it kills me! I don't have any shopping to do which is a first this week. All week, I've been looking for a present for my mom and a present for the wedding I'm going to in NS. Which reminds me I do have something to get, some wrapping paper or a nice wedding gift bag. I love giving gifts.

I was supposed to go skating with S at lunch but her temp work is screwing her around so she's not on a regular schedule. I'm not heartbroken - I was just trying to be a good friend.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my friend Paul. He's a guy I met from on-line dating - the first one in fact. There is absolutely no interest in him at all besides a friend. In fact the one and only time we did go out, he leaned over and kissed me when I dropped him off and I remember driving home making gagging sounds. He did nothing for me. I think he does nothing for a lot of girls so he's depressed a lot. We kept saying 'we'd do lunch sometime' and that was about 6 months or more ago. So finally the timing worked and he seems pretty down in the dumps about the whole girl situation so I hope I can help somehow. Keith, is obviously less than thrilled that I'm meeting this guy for lunch. I told him that if he can get himself up on time, he's more than welcome to join us. I have nothing to hide and I know Paul would actually enjoy meeting him - he's heard enough about him! But alas, I've created a monster - my boy is a jealous one. Just like moi. Sigh. We've gotta work on that. Both of us. Some jealously is healthy but too much can be a bad thing.

Alright I've gotta jet...the sunshine is calling me. I can't believe I wore my contacts and forgot my stupid sunglasses at home - d'oh!

If I don't get a chance to write an entry before I leave, I'll be back in about 2 weeks. Bon Voyage. I'm going to sunny sunny Nova Scotia....I hear they just had a huge snowstorm come through....oh joy. At least I'll be away from work. And my boy....sigh...I won't go there. I refuse to think about it, cause it depresses me. Okay, I'm really leaving.

1:34 p.m. - 2004-02-19


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