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I'm baaaaack......

I'm afraid to add an entry. I'm on my brothers computer and I just typed my boy an email but it wouldn't send. Stupid computers. But I'll give it a shot.

Well for something obvious - I'm back! Sorta. I'm back from my trip down east to Nova Scotia. We got back around 5 o'clock today. I dragged all our stuff into the house, brought mine up to 'my' room and then promptly laid down on the bed and fell asleep for about an hour. I'm sick. Yup another cold. My dad started off sick on our way down, who then passed it on to my mom who was sick during the wedding and then on to me the day before we left to come back. I'm betting it's cause my resistance was low due to my cold I just got over a while back and there were a few nights were I didn't get enough sleep.

The wedding went off great. My friend who got married is 27. I feel old! I'm 29 and still not married! She's also pregnant - I feel ancient!

The mother of the bride had to re-make the top part of my dress from scratch....the one she made wouldn't fit over my boobs. Oops. But all was well, she made it with a day to spare.

I got to catch up with the bride's sister who I haven't seen in almost 7 years. I thought it would be awkward but we bonded real fast and it was if the years hadn't been so far between. She's married and has an 8 year old daughter. She's a year older than me.

The 3 of us plus one other girl stayed at an Inn the night before the wedding. We just sat around chatting till the wee hours of the morning. It was so fun. I love girl chat. We didn't even need to drink (well the bride couldn't for obvious reasons). I've known these 2 sisters for my whole life and it was nice sharing this experience with them both.

The reception was okay. I got to sit and watch people slow dance for a lot of it. The downside of not having your other half there. Even though I know he doesn't like to dance, I'm sure he wouldn't have minded dancing cheek to cheek with me! I was dead tired by the end of it but me and my family stayed until the very end - well we did travel 1700 miles to be there!

Oh yah I also caught the bouquet. "Goin' to the chappel and I'm gonna get married...." Okay maybe not but still it was pretty cool. Although it was also rigged! The bride had told me she was gonna make sure I got it and she wasn't kidding. She looked to see where I was standing and then when she turned around she found me in the mirror in front of her and boom threw it right to me! I told her maybe she should have just turned around and handed it to me! I also have the garter. Although that was only because the guy who got it (the grooms brother) left it there - not sure if by accident or design. Anyway as we were leaving they made me take it. Then the fun began. Everyone began to plan my wedding. They're thinking either June or August. Poor Keith. I was telling him this over the phone and I think he started to get freaked. I told him we were all joking and we were just all in the wedding spirit. We haven't booked the hall...we're waiting for the confirmation back that it's available first. Just kidding! Trust me I'm not gonna be the one to rope a guy into marriage - I want the whole on the knee kind of proposal or at least something where I'm not the one asking or telling for that matter!

I am so itching to get back home and see my boy. My dad is throwing a surprise b-day party for my mom tomorrow night. He's doing it tomorrow cause I told him that I wasn't staying for the weekend. I mean after all I am on vacation and I would like to enjoy a few days spent at home, not going to work! I'm debating on whether to leave tomorrow night or Thursday morn. I really want to leave tomorrow night but I have to make sure my mom is okay with it. Originally we planned that I would stay till Thursday morn to have a b-day breakfast with her but this is with her not knowing about the party. Maybe the party will appease her....we'll see.

Honestly though I can't believe how much I have missed Keith. I won't even go into it cause I'm just gonna sound way to mushy and sappy.

I'm thinking of taking some cold pills and heading off to bed soon. I desperately need a good nights sleep. I love my mom to death but both times we slept in a hotel (once on the way their and once on the way back) I wanted to smother her with a pillow. The woman snores way louder than my dad - this is new. My dad was the one known for snoring. But oh my gawd I came close to going insane both nights. I thought I was safe last night cause I took some cold pills and within half an hour I was out like a light. Fast forward 4 hours later and I awoke coughing and then stayed awake due to snoring. I listened to my discman really loud at certain points when she would drown out the music. I got up once and my dad asked me if I was okay. I told him I couldn't sleep and he told me to go to my happy place. I laughed at that but then when I went back to bed I did try that and it worked - somehow I actually managed to go back to sleep - for another hour or so until we got up but still I was happy.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Walmart with my mom to get our pictures developed (3 rows for me and 2 for her) - we're a snappy family. Get it? Camera? Snappy? Heh...I get punchy when I'm sick.

Well I think I'll end this entry and go rest my poor back. All this travelling has taken its toll on it. My chiropractor is going to be so pleased with me!

8:19 p.m. - 2004-03-02


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