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Well it's late...and I'm not home yet. The party went longer than planned so I didn't risk driving home plus Keith would be at work anyway so I would be rushing home to my apartment.

My mom's party went really well. She had no idea about it. Usually we hold family party's on Sunday after church. Which would have been the plan but since I had told my dad when I was leaving he changed it so I could be included. It's all about me...heh.

I took my parents out to lunch, originally it was just my mom for her b-day but my dad needed to eat too and they've been so good to me by paying for everything on the trip. This was only a small way to say thanks. Although the small place we went only excepted cash and I was out of the paper money. My mom said it was okay but after we ordered I excused myself than ran out the door to the bank just down the street. I surprised them when the bill came and I grabbed it and went and paid for it. Hehe.

Later my mom and I went for a shopping spree at Walmart. It was insane. We both spent so much money. Over $100 each. But I did buy 3 b-day presents, one for my soon to be sister-in-law who's b-day is next week, one for T, who's b-day is in April and one for S, who's b-day is in May. I've never bought so many presents in advance before - go me! Although technically I bought the stuff to make S's present. My mom was looking at material so I was standing there just looking at the discount bin and some fabric with the punch bug cars caught my eye. Then I came up with this idea to make a pillow out of it for S since it looks like something she would like. I think watching my friend down east make my dress got me inspired to sew - even though I've never done any major sewing in my life. But when mom and I got home we (she) whipped up a pillow covering for the small pillow I had bought and voila an instant gift. That was pretty cool.

When we got home from our shopping spree my mom walked into a house decked out in party decorations. We didn't tell her who was coming or what was going on so whenever someone arrived she'd get all excited. Surprising people is cool.

My niece and nephew were both cranky pants when they got here cause they fell asleep on the way here and weren't too thrilled about being awoken. But the other little boy my brother and sister-in-law are taking care of (his parents are less than stellar and the court is deciding what to do with him) was wide awake and ready to play. He's about 5 and is out going and free with hugs and kisses. But after a while I got my nephew (who's 2) to play and eventually my niece who is 5? I suck at ages! By the time they left I was exhausted. But I love playing with them since I see them so little.

Then after the clean up (okay I skipped that part and came upstairs to call my boy and whisper sweet nothings over the phone to him) I had to play a few games of scrabble with my mom.

You know you play way too much when you go to lie down and words start to fill your head along with points of each letter. We just finished 3 games and I had to convince her to go to bed.

Speaking of which, I think I shall retire for the night. After breakfast with my mom, I'm gonna hop on the highway and drive home! Home! Woo! Then I'm gonna await my boy's call or if I'm to hyper I may just go over and wake him up myself....I'm sure he wouldn't's all how you go about doing it...nudge nudge wink wink.

Well sweet dreams.

11:48 p.m. - 2004-03-03


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