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Michael's on the radio. Sigh of contentment.

Well I shouldn't be writing this at this particular time. We were warned in our team meeting yesterday not to abuse our internet policy and 'surf' etc. during working hours. Of course I think this was brought up cause our telephone tech's do nothing but surf between calls. Which I really can't blame them for cause answering calls all day kills your brain cells. But when we give them work to do to help us out they tend to bitch and whine so I can't feel all that sorry for them. I would write this a little later on but I gotta head out and buy my lunch today cause I didn't have time to make mine this morning, I was too busy discussing my boyfriend's ex and her upcoming marriage - don't ask. I wasn't all that thrilled to chat about it either. First my ex-P is getting married and now Keith's ex - Psycho is. I told Keith we're getting at that age where people are suddenly realizing they're running out of time and are running off to get married. At least P has known his current gal for over a year (in fact they used to know eachother many years ago). But Keith's ex has only been seeing her guy for a few months. To each their own I guess.

I went shopping at break and bought more clothes. I bought a couple of t-shirts yesterday that are good for work. My office is business casual but I get to do all the shit jobs like haul paper, and boxes and dirty puro bags between our two floors I'm not gonna dress in my nice tops and blouses. So I wore one of the t-shirts today and decided that I should buy a few more. They're on sale for $10 a piece and they're not the real cheepy ones where they're see through or look like one wash through the washing machine and they'll be 2 sizes too small or torn apart. So I bought 3 more in blue, orange and yellow. I was feeling sassy. I bought black and white yesterday - not so sassy. I don't even feel bad about spending this money since all my current work t's are no longer in the best condition or they fit like a body glove and if you saw my upper chest shall we say then it suddenly doesn't seem quite office appropriate.

Next on my shopping list is a bra. I feel like a hippy today - my boobs are flying all over the place. Why aren't I wearing my super bra? Well I'm wearing my new white top so I had to wear a white bra. This is utterly fascinating I know. Of course my only 'good' white bra has gone missing. So I'm wearing my old back-up ones that really suck at support. I'm gonna have to get myself to a mall fast. I just have to shake Keith cause I know he's gonna want to come. It's bra shopping! He's gonna want to come in and 'help' me. Cute.

So I'm limping around today cause of my sore foot. It's so embarrasing that I can't even tell people what happened. It just sounds stupid. Basically, I had my foot at an awkward angle and pulled a tendon or something. I was stradling my boyfriend at the time. Just sitting on the couch, fully dressed, no hanky-panky, just talking - I'm a close talker. Yah so how dumb is that. Luckily it feels a lot better than last night but still pretty sore.

Well it's just about lunch. I hope my afternoon goes a lot faster than my morning did. Although I guess I should enjoy this while it lasts cause next week promises to be hectic - we're covering for our reception who's on vacation for the week. I actually sat here today and purged - paper not food - heh. I organized books etc. I'm scaring myself!

Well I'm off to get food! I'm gonna try out the new Pita place across the street. Mmmm pitas.

One more thing - I am looking so forward to my chiro appointment tonight. My back isn't pleased with all the travelling and sleeping in strange beds I've been doing. Oh and one more thing - speaking of beds - never get a duck feather pillow. Those suckers have a way of escaping from the pillow and it's a little creepy seeing their feathers in your bed. I feel like a murderer for some reason. Lucky for me the pillow is pretty comfy.

12:55 p.m. - 2004-03-11


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