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Productive. Very productive. Oh, not my day, my lunchhour! I got to drive today and unknowlingly was lucky to get my boss's spot. Apparently my ever thoughtful boss told a new co-worker that she could park in her spot since she was going to be in our Guelph office. Well tie a brick to my foot and toss me in a river! I mean, I know it's her spot and that I don't have a 'right' to it. But damnit, the woman knows I park there whenever she doesn't. In fact it's a bit of a joke within our team. She's a hose-beast. I wanted to throw the "F" word in front of that - just so ya know.

Oh yah back to my productive lunch! I drove home for lunch and had me some tomato soup...mmmm. Then I decided to call my landlord and complain about my tub that has decided it doesn't like to drain anymore. I had been putting it off but seriously standing in ankle deep water after a 5 minute shower is just getting to be a little too much. Then I called my credit card company to make sure I was going to receive the free bag that they promised when I signed up for it (it will be processed at the end of April -yay). That's the whole reason I signed up for the credit card. I even used it 2 times - part of the catch I had to do in order to get the bag. But once I get the bag, I'll pay off the card and not use it unless it's an extreme emergency. The last phone call I made was to a "time for a little t.o." customer service rep. I had written down about 5 hotels that were possibilites and when I booked one I forgot to circle the one I had chosen. Now I know. Now Keith and I can start planning our little get-a-way. It's next weekend. I just went on the website to look at a few things and I swear to God I was gonna pee my pants, I got so excited just thinking about it. We've never really gone away away. We've gone to my parents and his parents but never for a night on the town and in a hotel...oh yah! Thank goodness aunt flo decided to visit this week and not next!

Speaking of aunt flo. Man she was killin' me yesterday. I had one of the most wicked mood swings that I've had in a looong time. I went to my chiro appointment (the spine was in need of quite the adjustment since it was pretty twisted with all the travelling and such) on my way over to Keith's I got caught in traffic trying to cross the major street near his place. My mood went a full 360 and I was pissed. I mean so pissed I wanted to kill someone and then in the very next moment I wanted to fall on the ground sobbing like someone had just killed my pet bunny and ate him in front of me! It was scary. Like I said it's been quite a while since I've had those kinds of mood swings and I really don't miss them. Poor Keith was at a loss when I got there cause I was angry one moment and depressed the next. But I eventually came out of my mood and our Survivor night turned out to be quite fun. T and her little dog came over and then S came a while later. We had tons of food. Good times. Oh yah after Survivor we watched a Girls Gone Wild video. It was somehow brought up the night before when we went swimming and thus for our viewing pleasure Keith had downloaded it. Although I did find out afterwards that he had downloaded it quite a while ago....nice. Of course after the 500th set of boobs being flashed across the screen we didn't want to see anymore. I don't know how men could watch those tapes over and over again - they're boobs! Yah so after all the boob watching and eventually dropping Keith off to work and then stopping for some gas, I didn't get to bed till after midnight. Needless to say getting up this morning was not fun.

Well next week should be fun, our receptionist is on vacation and we have to divy up coverage between 3 of us. I made up a tentative schedule and we had a mini meeting (without the boss thank you very much) and now we have it all planned. I swear I should be the manager around here!

So I was thinking about my diary today. A girl's who diary I read had posted her picture in her diary for a short amount of time and said if anyone wanted it to see the pics to email her once they were gone. So out of curiousity I emailed her and asked if she would send them to me and she did. It was very cool to put a face to all her ramblings. I think it's pretty neat when you can do that. She was also very pretty. Which really has nothing to do with anything but I thought I would mention it. But it got me thinking about when/if I would ever post a picture. Of course right now it's pretty much impossible. I don't own a computer (Keith does), nor do I own a scanner or a digital camera. But I imagine one day we may own those kind of things. Then I would be able to post pictures. My first reaction was - no! Then I examined that reaction. I guess I'm afraid that somehow this diary will be discovered by someone I know...someone I have written about. Mostly friends. Family not so much. I wrote pretty much without borders about these people and my feelings at the time. I'm sure a lot of people's feelings could get hurt over stuff I wrote. Not to mention they'd be pretty pissed at me. So it was then that I decided that if/when I were to start posting pictures I would probably delete my archives and start off fresh. Although now that I'm actually considering that possibility it's freaking me out a little. You see I have this bad memory - real bad. And going back and reading stuff that happened is one of the ways I keep track of my history. Especially when I have to defend some of my actions. If someone takes something out of context, well my poor memory won't be able to defend me, so I go into my online archives and lo and behold, instant memory refresher. But I guess there's no point even thinking or worrying about these things until things change. So I guess until then I can continue to write in my semi-anonymous state. I say semi - cause hey, nothing is totally anonymous!

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to sit here and print anything and everything I can think of since the reception desk just got a printer installed. Whoo - let's take advantage of it!

2:33 p.m. - 2004-03-12


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