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My weekend

My weekend. What can I say about it? Hmmm. It wasn't long enough but then again they never are. Friday I made it to the gym by some miracle and actually had a decent work out. I then stopped by the grocery store and picked up a 22 pound bag of flour and a crap-load (excuse the pun) of mushrooms. These were needed to make bread and soup. Our dinner. Of course our dinner wasn't ready until until nearly 8 or so but my boy gave me some cheese and crackers to tide me over. Unfortunatley they also cut into my appetite when it came time to eat the homemade veggie soup so I only had one bowl. But luckily for me I now have a bowl of the soup sitting in my lunch bag beside my desk waiting to be heated 15 minutes!

Fast forward an hour and some.... Anywho I think we just ended up watching the tube for the rest of the eve until Keith had to go to work. Although it did end with me saying something mean. Honestly I was cranky and tired but still I was pretty mean. I think he finally forgave me sometime on Sunday. Saturday Keith got to my place sometime around 8:00 in the morning, he tried to lay down but he wasn't feeling the snooze and um I guess my snoring was kind of getting to him so he got up and watched some tv (he loves cartoons) so it wasn't that bad. I got up around 10 at which time he was ready for bed. Ya gotta love those mixed up schedules of ours. So we switched places and he went off to dream land while I watched some tv. Of course after a few minutes of watching I decided to read instead so I went back into the bedroom, picked up my book, read for a few minutes then fell back to sleep for about an hour or so. Heh. Once again I got up and sat back down in front of the tube. I looked around at my apartment and knew deep down I should be cleaning all the crap that is just sitting everywhere. I kept watching tv. Finally around 4 I felt I was becoming part of the couch so I showered, dressed and took a walk. Keith was just waking up but wasn't really into the whole walking scene, so I grabbed my discman and headed out the door. It was hard to describe my mood. I felt...melancholy. I wasn't sad exactly but I definately wasn't happy. So I walked and thought and eventually ended up at an empty ballfield, had a seat in one of the bleachers, let the sun warm me while trying to ignore the small gusts of cold wind that would happen every so often. Then I came to understand why I was feeling the way I was. I was jealous. Jealous of all my friends. I felt that they were moving on with their lives and I was standing their waving them on. T is getting a house. A house! She's been with the same guy for about 4 years now, they have their toys, marriage is pretty much inevitable. Then there was S. Not much to be jealous of there. She's moving to T.O. - getting her life on track. But still moving - not standing still. And then it hit me that she really is moving. The reason I moved to KW was because of her. During all of my breakups all I had to do was phone her, crying, tell her the situation and she would be there pronto, to help me pick up the pieces. I had let our friendship slide for the last while and I regreted this. So with all of these things running through my head I had a good little healing cry, wiped my tears, blew my nose, placed my headphones back on my head and started walking back home. A cleansing walk. After getting Keith cleaned up, we headed out to finally do some shopping (this was around 7). Mission #1 - find me a bra. Fun times. We finally found one that fit (for the most part - I fear I'm heading towards DDD which is totally unacceptable!). I squeezed into a DD and bought the bra that didn't cut off my circulation too bad. Then we went over to the Bulk Barn - where I discovered chocolate covered pretzels that were so yummy! Keith also bought some ducky candles for my b-day cake and an Elmo. Sometimes I wonder how old I really am. Of course my b-day isn't till September but he's good like that. After that we wandered over to Rogers and got us a movie. I'm drawing a blank on the title but it had Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller. Not outrageously funny but still pretty good. By that time we were a tad hungry so we ended up swinging by KFC and getting way too much greasy food. Sunday we managed to get a little more on schedule with eachother and went out in the early afternoon (more fastfood for lunch - arggh!) and then went and got our hair cut. Mine's shorter but same style - I like it. Afterwards we picked up a few groceries for dinner, went over to his place for no reason. I drove there thinking he had to change for work. But we went up and ended up having a semi-serious talk about our future. I told him that if we really did want this thing to work then we had to start planning for it. No more asking me every other day to move in cause it ain't gonna happen! Instead we should work together and maybe figure out how much we have to save for a house and how long this will take and maybe half figure out this marriage thing. I think Oct 2 would be a good date. I can't remember my reasoning right now -but I'm sure it was sound. But I think I'm pushing it so we'll just have to let things take their course. After all he's the one who has to get down on one knee and slide that ring up my finger. Yah I'm old fashioned like that. :) Sunday eve, Keith went to sleep for a few hours while I did some dishes, baked some muffins, cleaned a little and watched some tv. Not too bad a night for being productive. And now here I sit at work. Another Monday morning. Why must Monday's suck so hard? Our receptionist is away which we already had planned for but 2 other people on our team called in sick - 2 that were helping with coverage. But lucky for me, I'm outta here at 3. Dental appt. Oh I learned a long time ago I could book my appt. over my lunch hour and be back only a few minutes late - but really what is the fun in that? Usually I have some time banked for one reason or another and if I don't I half-ass work half my lunchhours to cover it. Seriously, whatever gets me out of the office is fine by me. Looking forward to the Dentist over work is probably not a cool thing. It just shows how desperate I am to be outta here! Now I must go back to work. Oh yah on my lunchour I went to shoppers and managed to spend another $30 without blinking! But in all honestly those "C" cell batteries are pretty expensive. If ya know what I mean....

12:43 p.m. - 2004-03-15


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