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My weekend - not in a nutshell

Well the beginning of yet another week - I know it's Tuesday - but it's my beginning, since I didn't come in yesterday. Yah I was bad. I was "sick". Sick of working. Heh. Now a review of my weekend - so I can read this a year from now and go "oh yah! that was a fun trip!".

Friday night I somehow managed to stay up till almost 2 am. I packed and watched some tv. I didn't drive Keith to work. No I wasn't being mean, he drove himself to work in my car. Cool. That way he could drive himself back to my place as soon as he was done work and get some good snoozing time before our little jaunt into the big city.

We were semi-awake around 11 when my folks called - they've put a bid on a house and it was accepted but they have to dot the i's and cross the t's before we do any celebrating. They've been living in the manse that the church owns but they've decided to take the housing allowance and get a real home for when they retire. Everyone's getting a house! Everyone but me...anyway... moving on.

We actually left on schedule (which isn't easy for us). The weather was rainy and crappy when we left and we managed to miss our first cutoff. Oops. We then consulted the trillion maps I printed out from map quest and thought we had things figured out but then I accidentally took an exit - I wasn't paying attention and my lane exited. This is making me laugh just thinking about it. But in all honesty we did really good with it all. We didn't freak out or start throwing the maps out the window. Although I did insist that we stop at a corner store and at least get a map of Toronto. The adventurer didn't want to but I was wanting a swim before we headed out to the theatre that evening. Speaking of which!

To keep myself busy Friday night I decided to get rid of the hair on my legs. Shaving would be too easy. I got this product that is a foam and you smooth on and wait for about 5 minutes for so and then have this bladeless razor that you scrape off the hair with. Things went pretty good - it burned but hey I'm sure that's normal. Nope. When I took the gunk off my legs felt like they were on fire. I then proceeded to put some moisturizer on them - yowzer the pain the pain! I immediately ran to the sink and washed my legs and after a bit the burning went away but the damage was done. I now had little bumps on areas of my legs. This wasn't only ugly but it also prevented me from going in the hot tub as everytime I dipped my legs in, it felt like someone was lighting my limbs on fire. Although the second day we were there I did manage to get in the hot tub and stand it for about 5 minutes or so. Thankfully the pool didn't pose a problem and I swam to my heart's content. Also I was really thankful to have a smart boyfriend who knew what I could put on my legs to keep the pain away.

Okay back to the getting there. After registering and driving around the block "twice" to find the hotel parking lot we finally made it to our room - which was pretty sweet - and then down to the pool.

The weekend went really good. The dinner was awesome and it was a pretty swanky place although the tables were pretty close together and we sat beside a woman who apparently likes everyone to hear the conversation she's having with her boyfriend. The theatre was about 10 steps away so we made it there in good time. Mamma Mia was awesome. I didn't know a lot of the songs but it was very entertaining nonetheless. Although by the time we left the theatre we were boiling - it got so hot in there. I think it's pretty cool that we found something else we have in common - we both like to go to these kind of theatre events and it doesn't have to be just the 'big' productions - we would like to go to small ones too. Which is keen cause I've been wanting to go to the local ones in KW.

After the play we walked back to the hotel which was about a 20 minute jaunt. It felt good after sitting for so long. We then tv surfed and munched on the junkfood we brought. Then we decided that this wasn't enough and it just so happened that across the street was a chinese take-out place. So Keith made the trek across and got a crap load of food - although we had no cutlery so it made for some pretty interesting eating. While he was gone I turned on the a/c cause I was flippin' hot. After the chinese food we watched some more tv and before any freakiness could occur I passed out cold. I was a tad tired. I slept through the night but Keith ended up getting up after about 4 hours sleep and watching tv and finishing off the chinese food. I awoke as he was trying to sneak out the door to go down to the pool without me! I threw my suit on and we headed down to the pool - bedhead and all. Of course I sent Keith to the Lobby to get our towels. But then of course it turned out that our little plastic key cards wouldn't let us into the pool area so I had to go down to the front desk anyway. They were having problems with the cards so they weren't just trying to get us out of the hotel. After swimming for a while we eventually headed up to our room around 11. The next little while is censored but we did manage to make it out in time for check out at noon.

We rescued my car and then drove a few blocks away from the CN Tower (I had emailed the CN Tower and told them about the clause and how uncool that was of them - they called me back and said that it had been a misunderstanding and we were more than welcome to come). We walked the few blocks to the tower and nearly froze; the weather had turned cold and the wind was pretty biting. We ended up having lunch at East Side Marios - we figured out we hadn't been there since May of last year when we went there for Keith's b-day. By the time we left I was totally stuffed so we waddled over to the Tower and then proceeded to zoom up to the top. Even though there's really not that much to do up there I still love going up. Keith saw the glass floor for the first time so that was cool. We paid an outrageous amount for a picture of us with the date on it but hey, I doubt we're gonna be going back there anytime soon. After a quick look at the souvenier area (I won't call it a shop cause it's huge!) we headed out as the lack of sleep was finally catching up on Keith. But I did manage to squeeze in one more attraction - the Sicilian! This is the best icecream shop in all of Toronto - it's in Little Italy and it's to die for! They had some kind of photo shoot taking up most of the restaurant but we still managed to snag us some seats and proceeded to eat more! This trip was all about eating I swear!

We then managed to follow out the directions I had printed to get us on the 401 and headed home. Keith pretty much went to sleep as soon as we got back to my place, I knew if I laid down I would be down for the count too. I woke him up a little after 10 and it was then I decided that I didn't want to go to work on Monday. So I called in sick. I had so much I wanted to do, my floors were screaming to be cleaned, my laundry still hadn't been done and I couldn't see the floor of my living room - literally. So the next morning I made the call to my boss (before she got in of course) and then made to go back to sleep. But not before Keith stopped by and was gonna make me go to work - if only he had been 5 minutes sooner - heh. But I did have a very productive day. I slept for a few more hours and then got up and proceeded to clean my apartment, do laundry, clean the trunk of my car and all that other fun stuff I had been putting off for so long - go me!

Eventually I got around to taking a shower and it was at this time that I bumped the soap tray in my shower and the whole thing came falling out - decaying wall and all. I was pissed. I had called my landlord over a week ago and she still hadn't returned my call. So I called her and left a pretty no nonsense message and lo and behold she called me back in 10 minutes! Within another half hour a guy was there to look at my shower and he's talking about replacing the wall and putting up in one of those plastic shower shells or whatever they are. He was supposed to talk to my landlord today and they would get back to me. Which means that until this is done my shower is out of commission. I'm going to head home at lunch to see if they've even been there so I can get some sort of time frame here. I may have to stay a night or two at Keith's. I know - the hardship of it all!

Now my most current problem of the day is my back. I woke up with a very sore lower back - as in it hurts to walk and bend over. I'm thinking I might have done something while I was moving all the stuff off my kitchen floor etc. How sad. I'm hoping this will kind of work itself out cause my chiro appt. is not till next week and I really don't want to move it up.

Well it's lunchtime, time to go check out my apartment. I wonder what my landlord thought when she walked into my apartment and there beside my door is 4 boxes of empty beerbottles that I set aside to return to the beer store soon. He He.

12:29 p.m. - 2004-03-23


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