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I thought since I had this brief time alone I should be writing an entry rather than reading journals. Self centred I know! Plus it's easier to get away with reading journals on the side rather than writing one. The clickety clack of the keys gives it all away.

Really though, there's not much to write about. I carried my huge ass Sears bag to Keith's yesterday afternoon in the rain. I had decided to forgo the gym since we were pretty much guaranteed to go swimming....or so I thought. Once at Keith's I made myself comfy on his couch and turned on Y&R, about 5 minutes later Keith came out. Everything was still up in the air but a while later we recieved a call from T saying that swimming was a no-go as she was looking at her new house at 7. But she still wanted to come for Survivor. So Keith and I ended up deciding on chili-fries for dinner and of course we needed pretty much all the ingrediants. So while he cleaned (ie did dishes) I ran out to grab the groceries. I also took time to stop at my place to check out my new shower. It's a shower - really not that exciting. I now have built-in shelves to put my shampoo etc on so I guess that's a good thing. I'm still a little peeved that the landlord didn't fix the problem just did a cover up job. The moment I walked through the door I knew I wasn't going to be spending the night - the place stank...bad! I don't know what kind of sealant or glue or whatever he used to make the plastic stick to the decaying wall but it was strong. It was semi raining out so I only opened my windows a little and then packed another overnight bag and left to pick up the groceries needed for dinner. Just as Survivor was starting T called and said she was still at her house and couldn't make it. It turned out to be no big deal since it was a 're-cap' episode. Keith wasn't all that into it so he went into his room and laid down while I sat all by my lonesome watching it. But then I eventually joined him and we watched the rest together. Then my night took a turn for the worse. Didn't it know I was having such a good day?

But alas something in my tummy wasn't agreeing with anything so it wanted out...or at least wanted to make itself noticed in the most uncomfortable way. I ended up leaving the bed and going to the couch cause sitting up was at least managable. Keith fell asleep while I tried to conjure up some pepto-bismol to no avail. So I suffered silently and around 11 or so I headed into bed cause sore tummy or not I was fading fast. Keith was still sleeping and I tried to push him along that path of going to work - his waterbed isn't comfortable in the best conditions but put two people in it and it just ain't happening. Eventually he got up and I told him to take my car. Just as sleep was overtaking me I heard my alarm go off - that was funny. It went off a few times. Heh. My car is funny little monkey - it kind of has no rhyme or reason why sometimes it just wants to start beeping if you don't do exactly what it wants. Eventually he got it figured out and zoomed off to work. A pain in the bum for him but I'm sure it still beats walking for half an hour.

This morning I was awoken again with breakfast ready. Not so decadent this time. Good thing. It was a large powl of poridge - not the instant stuff either. The kind that sticks to your ribs! Eventually I headed off to work all showered and dressed and ready for the day. I drove cause my boss is away and I want to *try* and make it to the gym today. Sigh.

The gym. Man I have no idea what I'm gonna do about this whole weight thing. I know people say you should be happy with the skin you're in and you should accept yourself. But what if you're not happy with the skin you're in? What if you can't accept yourself for looking and feeling the way you do? You work on it I guess. But I think I've been obsessing over it. More than doing anything about it. Which just isn't healthy. It seems that I just can't jive -eating well and working out. One or the other. Not both. Not good. Summer is around the corner and really I don't want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe so I don't feel like a summer sausage in all my clothes. Gah. Stupid weight issues. It doesn't help that my honey thinks I look great and wouldn't change me. Of course he just loves that my boobs are huge and doesn't want to loose his toys. Okay that's not the only reason. Although really going from almost a DDD to a DD or even a regular old D wouldn't be that huge a difference! Plus it would make his girlfriend extremely happy (can you tell this little part of my entry is for him?).

Well it's almost lunch. I'm gonna go to Keith's since I didn't bring a lunch and don't want to eat in my stinky apartment. I went over there before work this morning (thinking I had time - I didn't - but the boss isn't here today) and the apartment is just as stinky. So I opened up the windows fully and I'm hoping this will help. I have a feeling that the smell won't totally be gone so I may have to stay another night at my boy's place - oh darn! :)

Did I mention I have a stats canada woman stalking me? She calls every single day, sends letters, has been to my place. All to answer a stupid survey. When I was in NS she called every single day and left a message. Then on Monday she called and I was home and sleeping so I told her I was off work sick so she let me go. But I think she's gonna track me down at work soon so I better just call her. Gah I haven't had this much attention from anyone in ages! Unwanted that is.

12:26 p.m. - 2004-03-25


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