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Pizza, taxes and bunnies

Ah Friday...okay Thursday that feels like a Friday. Close enough for me. Today is pizza day at work - I feel like I'm in school. It's a crazy day.

I woke up almost rested. Last night T, S, Keith and I went swimming. The pool was packed. Packed! Then around the time we would normally go in the swirl pool the line was huge for that! We began to freak a little over the prospect of not getting to sit in the huge warm pool of water. Finally around 8:15 we went over and stood in the line and lo and behold we got in within a minute - whoo! Of course the sucky part was during our swimming time, after we had slid down the slide 3 times we jumped back into the pool but Keith jumped with such force that he went down a long ways and his ears popped - so the result was he was left with one very sore ear. After we got back to my place we layed down around 9:30 or so and when he got up at 11:30 his ear was still hurting pretty bad. He did email me this morning to let me know that it does feel a little better so that's good. He also didn't get home till around 10! He normally gets home anywhere from 5:30 - 7:30. But with the "Easter" rush things get crazy during bread delivery time. All those dang people rushing out to buy bread products! Apparently it's the busiest time of the year for him. Now ya know.

As for me my day is slowly dripping by. Seriously I'm bored to tears. The thought of filling out the next few hours is a dreadful thought. It's not like I can even sit here and goof off and surf the net my co-workers have this habit of coming into my cube every few minutes or so - the nerve.

Well it's almost time for lunch and I'm running out of things to say. Shocking I know.

I'm just looking forward to Survivor tonight. Both Keith and I don't have to work tomorrow so we can drink it up if we so desire. Then sometime tomorrow I'll drive off in my little car (after filling the pig up with gas and checking the tire pressure) to my parents. I bought a body pillow to take and leave at my parents. I miss mine so much when I sleep there. This was the best solution. As long as no one else uses it and drools on it. Just my drool.

Oh yah I should also mention that my boy met me for lunch yesterday. I think that has to be a first. Of course we ended up just wandering downtown and doing a little shopping cause we had both already eaten but it was still super cool.

Oh and if a 4 day weekend isn't cool enough - all next week I get to drive to work cause one of my co-workers will be on vacation. I even okay'd it with her that I park in her spot - go me!

T moves into her house this weekend. C wants to come down and go visit her on Monday with our house warming present. That should be keen. I'm so excited for her!

Oh and one more thing. Guess who started doing her taxes last night? Man I hate taxes. And mine are so simple but it still takes me ages. I normally get C to do them but she's not feeling so great these days. I'll struggle through them and maybe get her to check them over. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't owe anything. I don't care about getting money back I just don't want to owe! Fingers crossed.

The Easter Bunny was in my office today - 3 of them - I was one of them. My co-workers are crazy. They're great. Happy Chocolate Eating. I'll need it to keep me awake come 5 o'clock Sunday morning when I'm heading off to the Sunrise Service in the old stone church that has no heating. Of course I pay the price afterwards with a tummy ache but it's always worth it.

Pizza time!

12:34 p.m. - 2004-04-08


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