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It ain't Monday but it sure feels like one

What a poopy day. Seriously, it's ugh. The weather is gray and overcast and on the cold-ish side. What I wouldn't do for some sun right now. Somehow when the sun is shining it just makes life better. Or at least feel better. I would like that.

I'm feeling kind of out of sorts right now. Shall we begin? Well first off, there's my back. Sore as all get out. I probably just pulled something yesterday when I went to the gym. I'm trying to do weights at least a few times a week. But I could still do without the soreness.

Secondly I was upset with my boy last night. I was off yesterday so I basically did nothing except go to the gym in the afternoon while he slept. Then when he was up I thought we would head over to see T's new place together - not so. He had other plans which included not going to T's. I guess that's what you get for not spelling things out clearly enough. But no harm was done. After I gave blood (2 needle marks yah) I headed over to T's and met up with her and C. Very nice place. Which leads very nicely into reason #3.

Moving. Everyone's doing it! It seems to be all the rage or something. Let's see, so far, S is moving at the end of this month. T has just moved. My parents move at the end of May. My brother and his family move when their new house is finished (5 bedrooms). And I just found out that my aunt and uncle are going to be selling the land up north known as Ickabod. Oh yah and their daughter is moving, well they're being kicked out of their house so it's not a happy move. They're the white-trash of the family. Not nice but true. So anyway with all the excitment of everyone moving, I'm feeling kind of left out. Sounds selfish doesn't it? I know I know. I guess I'm also jealous that these people are anticipating this big event happening in their lives. I'm anticipating....I can't even think of anything! Keith and I no longer talk about going away on vacation. I don't even think about summer vacation cause it's hard enough for Keith to get time off let alone a week. And once he finally does his taxes he's gonna be pinching pennies for a while. I don't know I'm just sort of rambling. I just want something to look forward to. Maybe that's why I was so hyped about our weekend away - it was the fact that I had something to anticipate. My younger brother not only has school in Buffalo to look forward to, he now has a wedding to plan for next year. I'm just gonna end this topic now cause it's getting me nowhere.

I had a pretty good easter weekend. On Friday Keith and I didn't get to much time together. We just grabbed some lunch at our place "Wendy's" and then went back to my place for a little bit until I hit the road around 3. I drove to my brother's place in Oshawa and went to a b-day party for the little boy they took in or as my one friend calls him 'the border'. The kid is a menace. Very screwed up. But he's had a rough childhood for a boy of 6. Saturday I hung out with my mom and brother. We took a walk to see their new house from the outside and then we went on a little car trip to Whitby and went to Value Village. We bought my brother a new wardrobe that was fun. That night we just played some more scrabble and watched some tv. We were up the next morning for 6am to go to the Sunrise Service. No chocolate for me this year. I guess it's a good thing but usually I at least get a bunny or some eggs. The rest of the day was spent with family, eating and having a good time. I left around 4 and headed back to KW to see my boy. We ended up grabbing a couple of subs for dinner and then him lying down for a nap before work and me doing my taxes - which I finally finished - woo. I even get a refund again this year. Thank goodness for rrsp's. I just know I'm going to become one of those people who start giving to charity and requesting a receipt. It's getting to that point.

Well we've come full circle regarding my weekend. Now here I am Tuesday sitting here at work wishing I was anywhere but here. I feel so sluggish today. I'm wishing I could take some little zippy pill that would give me tons of energy. Forget that - I just want the sun.

The sun would be so nice. Sigh.

2:35 p.m. - 2004-04-13


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