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Short and sweet (aspartame not sugar heh)

So, I'm sitting here trying to get comfy in my chair. I have one of those small lumbar pillows for my lower back. My boss ordered it. It has velcro on the back but that's it. I got my hands on the other side of the velcro and have stuck it to my chair. I really don't know where the pillow is supposed to go - the right position - so let's hope I'm not screwing my back up even more!

Well today has been ho-hum so far. I'm on the slow rotation so this means my work load is minimal unless it's the beginning or end of the month. It's neither so I'm looking for work to keep me entertained.

On the up side T finally has email! Woo. Of course I was also emailing C today and mentioned about T's email. T has yet to email C. Whoops. I'll fix it.

So yesterday I bought a pass to Canada's Wonderland. Well 2 passes technically. It was my turn to get the expensive item/fun time event (Keith got us tickets to A Midsummer Nights Dream for next month). I am so excited. For both. I've never been to the Stratford Festival so I'm majorly looking forward to going there. And I just love going to CW's. I love roller coaster rides. And the water park is good times. The crowds of people not so good, but you take the good with the bad.

Yesterday I also finally got my eyebrows waxed again. They were so bugging me. I like how I went for years with my eyebrows the way they were and now I get freaked out when they start to go a little haywire. Mmm hot wax smeared on my face. Good times. To ease the pain (cause yah it hurts) I bought myself a toe ring while I was there. Which I'm now wearing. Of course you can't see it cause I don't have sandals on. But I know it's there.

Let's see what else did I do last night? I bribed Keith into cooking. He wanted me to. So we did a little bartering. I can't tell you the exact details but let's just say I didn't have to cook and he ended up with a smile on his face. And being the good girlfriend that I am, I rented the movie Timeline that he wanted us to see when it was out in theatre. But I wouldn't read the book so we never saw it. Yah yah but it was boring! I read my fair share of bad books but when one totally can't keep my interest I just can't force myself to waste that much time on something I know I don't enjoy. Life is short ya know. So we watched the move and it made me happy that I didn't read the book. It was so-so.

Tonight I'm taking my honey out. It's a surprise. I woke up in a good mood and I'm trying to carry it over into an overall good day.

I even arrived at work about 15 minutes early, emailed the boss (who is in our other office) and asked if I could leave a few minutes early. I told her for an appt. But really it's so I can catch the step class at the gym. I'm a little nervous, cause I haven't done step in many months. I just have to remember to concentrate. When I don't, I seem to go flying - literally. Wish me luck.

Well this has been fun, but I've ran out of stuff to say. I must go stare out the window until lunch time.

12:32 p.m. - 2004-04-20


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