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The gym is evil - but I already knew that

Well this morning I had the last of the 8 bananas - finally. I think I may be turned off bananas for a while now. Although those smoothies in the morning were actually quite good. Easy and quick to make. Hmmmm more bananas! For a while.

So today, I'm walking around with jello calves. Yuppers, I made the step class. Wow. Apparently working out on the machines for the last few weeks have done nothing for my cardio. I was huffing and puffing and just wow working out hard. I think this has just encouraged me to take more classes. It's just a pain though. Cause they either start at 4:30 (when I get off work) or at 5:15 and don't end till 6 - so that leaves me getting to Keith's a little before 6:30. I may try and swing a deal with my co-workers about working 8:15 - 4:15 for the next few weeks while my boss is away and I can drive to work. I emailed her yesterday and offered to watch her parking spot while she's gone. That way if someone else parks there I can pull the "I got permission" card.

So last night I took my boy out to dinner. I'm cute like that. Plus you know I did just finally mail my taxes and I'll be getting about $400 bucks back so I'm feeling kind of rich right now. It was my excuse to celebrate plus the place we went to we have a card that lets us buy one dinner and get the other for free. The place is a little pricey ($13 plus) so it's a good deal. The food is so good. I had ribs and chicken terriyaki. One of my last bites of the chicken I managed to spill terriyaki sauce on my shirt. I am nothing if not messy.

Oh yah, since I didn't have much to do - work wise - yesterday afternoon, I brought my taxes in and filled them out in good and mailed them. Heh. Shhh don't tell my boss.

So after dinner we went shopping. Yup no dinner and a movie for us. Well, actually, we did do a movie but it was rental. I wanted to go to Walmart to buy some undies. Replace the old with the new. Underwear is expensive. Damn. I also bought a bunch of other stuff that I needed and 2 shirts that I didn't really need but wanted. Ah Walmart it is quite the addiction.

Afterwards we stopped off at the LCBO and wandered the isles for a while - I love that place. I would love to buy a different bottle each time I was in - but I would go broke - fast! We ended up buying a couple bottles of Tabu 'Wicked Red' and a bottle of Sake - Keith ended up drinking all of it since I found it a little to strong tasting for me. I had a bottle of Tabu instead. Mmmm. We rented a movie at the store across from me. Two dollars. Sweet. I think we rented Somethings Gotta Give. His choice surprisingly. It was okay. I voted for her to date Keanu since Jack is icky and old. Keith wasn't too pleased with my voting for the younger guy. I don't have a biased, I just think Jack Nicholson looks icky. Keanu may be too skinny but c'mon. Old icky man vs young man. Yah.

So the 2 new positions for work were released yesterday. Now we've began speculating on who will get them. I really hope they will be someone who we can get along with. A few people who I heard are applying I am kind of nervous about. I really don't want to deal with someone who is whiny or bitchy or both. Homey don't play that game. I've been doing this job for too long to let some prima donna come in and think they're going to change things. But that's putting the cart before the horse. Nothing is gonna happen at least for another month or so in terms of interviews. So I will sit back and try not to think about it.

I'm going swimming tonight. I'm hoping that I don't get some major calf cramp cause my legs are all gimpy like.

Looks like I'll be spending some extra sweet time in the swirlpool. Woohoo. Good times.

12:34 p.m. - 2004-04-21


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