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Sore muscles and not from doing fun stuff!

I'm so tired I could take a nap? Is that wrong? The answer is yes...unless you somehow get on your boyfriend's schedule on the weekends....which I did. Ugh. I miss sleeping all day. Okay so I'm not that bad but pretty close. I spend way to much time doing nothing on my weekends during the day - I should be more productive. Although Saturday I wasn't all that bad. I was up around 11 or so. I just didn't get dressed till 3. Sunday was pretty bad I didn't get up till about noon. But again I didn't get dressed till around 3. Ah well.

On Friday at lunch I picked up my contacts AND my new glasses. Boo-yah. They are so different than what I've normally worn. So far I like them.

Friday night was pretty uneventful. I was a little peeved that Keith didn't fawn over my new glasses. It wouldn't have been so bad except I was uncertain about getting these glasses cause they're so different so a little boost of self confidence would have been nice. We spent the night watching tv - in seperate rooms.

I came home to a message on my machine from S. There was a screw-up with the U-Haul they rented they couldn't get it till 4. Which means I could sleep in. My momma also called. She's coming for a visit on Wednesday and staying the night (the mega cleaning has already started). On Saturday around 2-ish S called to say they had gotten the van early and were going to start loading. Of course I was still in my pj's, hadn't eaten and Keith was still sleeping. Needless to say we didn't arrive till almost 4 anyway. There was just the 4 of us for most of the packing until a couple of D's guy friends showed up...near the end of course. We finished loading and then headed into T.O. S took a crazy ass route to her new place. I know this cause on the way out of town a friend of their's gave us directions and they were sooo simple, even I couldn't screw them up. S's new place is pretty cool. It's the main floor a really old house. It's got character. Not a lot of room but it's T.O. so that's to be expected.

We didn't get home till almost 10 and we were in bed by midnight. Long sore day.

On Sunday we went bowling for free. My gym was throwing an event for members and their family and friends. Keith and I ended up getting an alley all to ourselves. We were supposed to have T and two other people. T called and left a message saying she had drunk too much and couldn't go. It was 4 in the afternoon. Nice. I don't really believe her though. I just think she didn't want to go. Normally her two excuses are 1) she drank to much and 2) her and her boyfriend got into a huge fight. Those are her two no fail excuses - I can't argue against those!

After bowling 5 games! 10 pin. We left with a new gym bag for me and a new makeup bag for Keith - kidding! for me! I got me some good free stuff. Of course I tried squeezing all my crap into the bag and it was a challenge. Definately not as roomy as my old bag.

So that was my weekend in a nut shell. Now I'm in full cleaning mode and mom proofing my apartment. Dirty videos, boys underwear that kind of thing. Wish me luck!

2:29 p.m. - 2004-05-03


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