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A quick visit with my mom

Have you ever noticed how work gets in the way of life sometimes? Yah I gotta work on winning those millions.

So yesterday around 3 my mom called. She was in town and sitting at a Mc Donalds. I put her on hold, spoke to my co-workers and told her I would see her in a few minutes. My co-workers were nice enough to let me go early and spend time my mom.

We sat in the McDonald's and had an ice cream while we talked. We then moved back to my place where we continued to talk for another few hours. It was very nice. Normally my mom and I aren't like that. It's usually rush-rush but this was so nice.

I found out that they may not be getting their new house. It seems the church is guilting my parents. The church is worried that if they rent out the house they own, the renters won't pay their rent and the church being the church won't kick them out. Whatever. Life is tough - deal with it. The nerve of these people! Seriously this is my parent's future they're playing with! They have to build a nest egg and make plans for their future. All these people who live in their own houses - kind of hypictrical. This is my parents life they're playing with -I'm not amused! So anyway, they're playing the wait and see game now. Since they've already signed all the papers (cause you know why would the church people object BEFORE all the legal stuff happened!) they're legally (and morally as my mom says) obligated to move. Plus the lady who's house they are buying is gonna be royally screwed if they don't buy the house. Her husband left her with nothing and she needs to sell the house.

The other big news was that my brother's house sold. They're new house will be ready in September. They have to be out of their old house by the end of June. Anyone else see a problem here? Guess where they'll be living? With my folks. 2 adults and 3 kids. One kid who is turning out to be more troubled than any of us expected. I told my mom that I'm beginning to fear for my niece and nephew's well being. This kid does bad things and doesn't care about the consequences. I told my mom I could see him being pissed off at my brother and sister-in-law (for one too many time outs) and be standing beside my newphew at the top of the stairs and just give him a little push. A terrible thought but I hope my brother and sister-in-law are keeping an eye on this kid. I'm also worried cause with them living with my parents, my parents are going to become live in baby sitters. That's a lot of strain on my mom and dad. Especially my mom cause I imagine she's gonna be the one stuck with them most of the time. She's done her time she shouldn't have to be raising my brother's kids. But I'll keep silent. For now. I told my mom that if I ever woke up and saw the little boy who's staying with my brother standing beside my bed I would probably scream cause I would think he was going to stab me to death, all the while batting his cute huge eyelashes. The child is disturbed and needs psychiatric help. But the system doesn't want to pay and my brother can't afford it. I really hope they push back and force the system to see the issue for what it is.

Wow this entry is so serious! Okay so after all that serious talk I called Keith who then came over and made an awesome dinner for us. Seriously awesome. I also made a crab dip appetizer which wasn't too bad if I do say so myself. After dinner we watched some tv and then took a quick walk before Gilmore Girls.

After GG we played another game of scrabble with the 3 of us. It didn't end till midnight! Keith won btw.

I was running on fumes by this time, so I quickly drove Keith to work, came back and crashed into bed. I didn't wake till my alarm went off the next morning. At which time I got a phone call.

I thought it was odd since Keith wouldn't call cause he knew my mom was with me. But it was him. He was outside my building. He had switched keys with his boss and forgot to switch back when his boss dropped him off at home. So he walked to my place and waited around until he knew I would be getting up. Whata guy.

So I got up, gave him my spare key to his place and then got ready for work. I talked to my mom a bit before I left. She did manage to get in the 'so are you and Keith talking about marriage' question. Sneaky mom. I said yes. Then changed the subject!

I'm tired today but not as bad as yesterday. Tonight is Survivor and Friends. Good times.

My dad just called, looking for my mom. She's not home yet. But she did say she was going to take the 401 only so far and then take the back roads. We all worry about my mom. I gave her, her mother's day present it was a shirt and an angel windchime. I had just found the windchime yesterday and bought it on impulse. She loved it the best.

Alright I better go and do some work. Who am I kidding? I'm gonna go and find out why half my email doesn't get to me anymore cause the company's IT dept. deems it as spam. My brother has been emailing me but nothing's getting through. Asses. Anywho that's all for now.

11:46 a.m. - 2004-05-06


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