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Eating healthy - finally


So even though my tired body tried to talk me out of going to the gym after work I still pushed on and went anyway. I wish I could remember how good I feel after a workout whenever I think about not going. My memory is selective it seems.

After the gym I called Keith and then went and picked him up so we could do a quick grocery shop. I ran into the video store and tried to rent the next Sex & The City disks but to no avail. The place we normally rent a lot of our movies from has now made their movies "one week rentals". Which means it may take me a very long time before I see any more sex and the city. Unless of course I go somewhere else. That sounds like a plan.

we got back to Keith's and had just started getting ready when T showed up. We had a very healthy dinner. I was very impressed. I had emailed Keith before I left and mentioned how I hadn't eaten any fruit or veggies all day. Being the awesome guy he is, he planned one of our healthiest meals ever. We started with a veggie platter with some light dips and then had bbq'd chicken breasts and bakes potatoes. Excellent meal. Of course that was all counteracted by T's contribution of dessert - a snickers cake. You can't win for trying I tell ya. But I had a small piece so it's not that bad.

I sat in front of the tv for 3 hours solid. I knew the first hour of Friends would be a montage like that but I really enjoyed it. I wasn't a huge follower of the show but I will miss it. There were a few seasons that I must have stopped watching so I'm looking forward to someday seeing those. Maybe if I ever lose my cable I will start renting all these series and sitcoms on dvd! Survivor was also pretty good. I totally didn't see Big Tom being kicked off but then again that's what the show does best. They don't show you certain things so they 'surprise' you at the end. Whatever. I'm still looking forward to this Sunday. They say there's going to be a big surprise on the season finale, I'm a sucker for those things.

After Survivor we watched a bit of MXC but then headed over to my place as I was one tired girl.

That was my night. Nothing too exciting. Now I'm just wishing for it to be 4:30 so I can leave. I don't know what plans we have for this weekend. This will be the first mother's day that I'm not going home for the weekend. Not sure how I feel about that. Kinda weird. Keith is talking about going out for dinner with his mom on Sunday. A family event. I hope we end up going. Only because I feel we do a lot with my family and not with his. I don't want him to think it's all onesided. My family just happens to pretty much celebrate anything and everything. We just love having excuses to get together. Of course Keith also said the dinner could run into Survivor time. That is not cool. I mean, really, how late can dinner be? Survivor is 3 hours! The first hour doesn't matter cause it's all review stuff but the next 2 are critical. He's supposed to look into it more and find out what the deal is. I'm doubting this is gonna happen since he finds many ways to avoid using the phone. But we'll see.

Well it's almost lunch time. Time to escape for an hour. Sweet escape.

12:38 p.m. - 2004-05-07


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