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A bunch of rants (it's Monday, what can I say)

So do you think sitting at your desk eating lunch and surfing the net during your lunch hour constitutes as 'making up time'? Yah? Me too! Glad we agree!

Just to make myself feel better I did a bit of work a couple minutes before my lunchhour was up. Whatever keeps the conscience happy.

What am I doing right now? Why, I'm working can't you tell? I'm answering phones. See? Working!

So the weekend weather sucked ass as usual. Seriously this is getting down right not funny. Today we have a balmy high of 25 with the sun shining. All wknd the weather was shit. Oh except for the odd hour or two that the weather gods would throw us a bone. Keith and I talked about going to Wonderland on Saturday to get our pictures taken for our season passes and maybe go on a few rides - we got up to a downpour. Needless to say it didn't happen. We went to the LCBO instead. Our new hangout. We roamed there for a while and then wandered over to Zellers and Zehrs - in that order. I wanted to buy a lot of stuff that I really didn't need at Zellers (including a Bobby's World DVD and the first season of Gilmore Girls on DVD). But Keith talked me out of it - okay he took them out of my hands and put them back. But I did walk out of the store with a brand new set of ice cube trays for a buck! Victory!

At Zehrs we bought a ton of shrimp for dinner. I believe we went home after that. Oh yah before the LCBO we went to Rogers where I almost rented Sex and the City Season 3 but alas it was out, due back that day but not there at the time. I think I'll go ahead and 'reserve' it. Not sure when though - the next few weekends are supposed to be busy ones. I did go on a mini shopping spree at Rogers Video - I bought Thumb Tanic and some Desire movie. I don't know it's like soft porn. I had to buy 2 dvd's for $15 and that was the only one that looked half decent. We'll see how titillating it turns out to be.

So on a completely different front, I'm diseased. I have like a zillion (okay 12 bug bites on my right arm). I'm afraid I have bed bugs. Just writing that makes me want to vomit. It makes me sound like such a dirty person! I'm clean I swear! I'm a slob - but a clean slob! I want to fumigate my whole apartment but then Keith reminds me that if it's a flying bug fumigating won't do any good. Of course he also takes this opportunity to tell me that if I just moved in with him I wouldn't have to deal with bugs. Now that is majorly getting on my nerves. God, it's not like I'm holding out on him - waiting for him to up the ante. I mean shit I'm dealing with parents who are from the old country (not really) but they totally are against the idea. I think a part of them feels that if I move in with him we'll never get married and forever live in sin. Who knows maybe that would happen. Good intentions and all that shit. Don't mind me I'm kinda pissy when it comes to this topic. And really? I don't like doing things in halves. If we're gonna commit let's just do it. Don't beat around the bush. You either want to be with me for the rest of our lives or you don't. Test drives don't go over too well at my age.

Whew that was a rant and a half. I think I'm also pissy cause I called my mom yesterday to wish her a happy mom's day and I could hear everyone in the background chatting and laughing and I just felt so...detached. Like I was standing on the outside - which I was cause I wasn't there. This was the first mother's day that I can remember that I wasn't there. Last night while lying in bed I was thinking and trying to figure out why this bugged me so much. Then I realized that I'm worried about how many mother's days I have left with my mom. I guess I just want to make each one count.

I'm not quite sure why I didn't go. Part of the reason was cause this month is gonna be super busy and a weekend at home sounded good. Plus Keith can lay on the guilt when I go away. He maybe does it most in fun but being a person who has had guilt layed on her her whole life a little goes a long way. Anywho, I'm probably going up to visit the folks at the end of the month. They will most likely be moving (god forbid it be a definate thing!) so I may be helping out with that.

Yesterday was pretty subdued. I've had killer headaches the last few days - not sure why. I went for a walk yesterday afternoon. I couldn't stand sitting on the couch, watching the sunshine waste away. Keith was sleeping. I was so tempted to wake him up and ask him to walk with me (walks are more fun in 2's). But he needed his sleep so I went solo. It was good. My discman batteries died after the second song on my cd. Walking without music - leaves too much time to think. It gives me time to pass all the houses and imagine having one of my own someday. Then that forces me to think of all the crap I've been spending my money on and how I should be saving. I knew I should have walked back to my apartment and got new batteries!

Well the boss is back tommorow. And I'm officially a parking whore. I looked at our absence sheet and noticed a co-worker who parks in the lot is off the whole week. Guess who will be driving for the rest of the week? Just leave the money on my bedside table as you leave. I do miss walking - sort of. I don't miss the rushing in the morning, the getting to work all sweaty and the massive weight of my bag - cause lord knows I don't pack lightly. Of course I do miss saving my gas when I do walk. Lord all mighty - it's now about 85 cents a litre. They say come summer that's gonna be cheap. What the hell? That just plain out sucks. I hope they come out with a whole slew of cars that don't rely on gas and are cheap enough that real people (not just celebrities) can afford.

Okay that's enough of a tirade for one day. I am seriously on a roll. One would think that I'm in a bad mood - I'm not. Just have a lot on my mind.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow - going to the Stratford Festival. Woo!

1:23 p.m. - 2004-05-10


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