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\"Weight-y\" Issues - heh

I realized something today. I've had 'weight issues' for the majority of my life. Kinda sad. I used to hate my body when I was 15-16. Now I would give anything to have body like that! I would love to not have weight issues but I don't see that in the cards. One look at my family and I realize I'm gonna be fighting a battle for the rest of my life.

Can you tell I wieghed myself this morning? Yah. Not good. It stayed the same. Which I guess you could argue not bad. But when you feel like you're trying and giving it your all - it's not good. Sigh. But life goes on.

I'm in a good mood (despite the stupid scale) cause I'm going to the Stratford Festival tonight. Yesterday Keith and I didn't decide on what we're doing for dinner tonight. Him cause of crankiness (that and he makes me decide everything) and me out of stubborness (I'm sick of deciding everything). If I wanted things done my way all the time then I would decide everything but I want his input too! Men. Apparently this isn't an unusual problem -according to talks I've had with my co-workers. But no worries, I've found a place for dinner. 10 to 1 he won't like the place I've chosen. Just a hunch. It's not my fault I found the 2 for 1 coupon in my mailbox when I went home at lunch.

Have I mentioned I'm excited?

I just hope the weather holds out. I would like to take a little walk around the town before going to see the play. Can't do that in the rain - well you can - but then you'd have to watch the play in wet clothes. Not cool.

So I unpacked my summer clothes last night. Again not cool. They're all tight. Go me. I emailed C and was whining to her cause she's doing the points too. Lucky for her she didn't lose any this week either (I would have beaten her up). But she did make a comment that made me laugh - hard. In her email to me she said that whenever I ate something I knew I shouldn't be I should imagine her punching me in the face. Okay so that doesn't sound as funny as I remember it. Okay it doesn't sound funny at all. And I am getting the exact wording wrong. But really if you knew C you would find it very funny.

So anywho me and the boy were both cranky last night. Keith made some comment about us being fat people and I didn't take it as a joke. In fact I was hurt and pissed off. I realize I'm over weight I don't need my boyfriend to make comments or jokes about it. I'm a tad touchy on this subject. You think he would know this by now. We went to bed not really talking but about half an hour later when some noise woke us up we rolled over and apologized and then cuddled until he had to leave. 2 cranky people never leaves a dull moment.

8 more days until our one year anniversary.

12 more days until Keith's 30th b-day.

Yesterday was S's 30th b-day. We're all getting so old. But I won't get started on that!

Well I'm outta here, got some journals to read and card games to play before the hour is up. Here's hoping time goes fast this afternoon. I gots a play to see!

1:28 p.m. - 2004-05-11


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