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Good times in Stratford

I'm pink. Well at least my arms are. I was out in the sun at lunch *big grin*. I was all set to go home and find something to eat but then a few of my co-workers were talking about going down to city hall and sitting by the fountain. So I bought my lunch and walked down with them. They now have tables set up so that was really nice. I didn't expect to turn pink so fast. But I am pretty pale, just ask my boyfriend. He said he always pictured himself with a woman who was darker like he is. I'm the exact opposite. Cute eh? I thought so too!

So last night. Wow. What a night. It was one of the best nights I've ever had. Usually when I look forward to something - something always seems to go wrong. Maybe me and the boyfriend are fighting or the weather turns crappy or some bad karma like that. But not this time. This time was perfect. I picked Keith up after work, he was just about all ready (full bonus points to him). We headed off to Casey's and had an awesome meal. I started with a lobster and crab dip. And that pretty much filled me. But of course since we had a buy-on-get-one-free entree I had to get something good. But I ended up splitting most of it with Keith. We were pretty stuffed to say the least.

We got to Stratford about 7 o'clock. We parked the car and took a walk around the pond. Man it was gorgeous. I mean gorgeous. I was so upset cause I forgot my camera! I never forget my camera. But it gives us an excuse to go back! Which I really want to do. Maybe pack a picnic, go wander around the town, that would be a cool day.

As for the performance. It was kind of hard to follow. I have never read or watched A Midsummer's Night Dream. So I didn't know what I was in for. Near the end I got a little sleepy-eyed but it was still good. As we were driving home, suddenly Keith said, "I think we left during intermission." I started to laugh. As we were leaving the theatre I was wondering if it was intermission or the end but I didn't want to ask and look like an idiot! Of course I also should have realized that we never clapped for the performers! Now that was dumb of me. The whole thing was funny. I told Keith we're gonna have to rent the movie now. Of course we're not telling anyone this. It's our little secret! On the upside I got to bed at a decent hour and had some fun time before sleep! Always a bonus!

Now to the disturbing part of the night. The ducks. I am traumatized. 4 males one female. Getting it on. Traumatized! It's gonna take me a while to get over this. I just have to convince myself that the female duck was all for it. Males. Pheh.

So the 2-4 weekend is looking good. We're camping for free. At Keith's parents place. They live out in the country and have a huge yard. So we're gonna pitch some tents, have a fire and still have a flushable toilet. Booyah. Good enough for me.

But this coming weekend is S's 30th b-day/housewarming party. It's a Vodka Party. My idea. Just had to get that in! Everyone's bringing a different flavour of vodka and some mix and we're gonna use my little book from the LCBO to mix drinks. Some fun times for us. I'm really looking forward to it (maybe a little too much!). Of course now we're just dickering over the details. See the party doesn't start till 7. Keith and I thought it would be cool to hit Canada's Wonderland and have some fun beforehand. But the problem is T. We decided to carpool. T doesn't have a Canada's Wonderland pass. Not only that, but I just emailed her today and found out she doesn't want to go into T.O. till at least 7. Hmmmmmm we gots some thinking to do about this one. We're supposed to go swimming tonight so I'm sure we'll hash something out.

Well I must go and stare at my red arms for a while. By tomorrow they'll be back to pale.

1:23 p.m. - 2004-05-12


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