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My first burn of the year!

So the little bit of redness I had yesterday turned into a full blown sunburn. Go me. It's my two arms and a bit of chest. I look like a redneck. Not cool. I need a proper day of tanning weather (and the time of course).

Even with my weird redneck tan I still went swimming last night. I went over to Keith's after work but he was still in bed and tired cause he didn't get much sleep. So after being pissy for a bit (if he had emailed me when he went to bed I would have known he wouldn't have been up and I could have went and spent my time elsewhere). But everything turned out fine. I had a book in my car so I went and grabbed it and then sat outside reading for about an hour or so. Actually quite relaxing. It would have only been better if I had had my relaxing recliner chair with my thick cushion - bliss. One of these days I'm gonna have to get around to bringing it to Keith's. After a quick dinner of bbq'd sausages we headed over to the pool to meet T.

I was pretty against leaving so late on Saturday but when I spoke to T there's not much we can do. She doesn't plan anything so getting her to plan her day with her mom and try and leave a little earlier is next to impossible! I'm sure it will work out fine - gotta love optimism.

After the swim Keith and I headed back to my place. Keith layed down for a nap and I watched Gilmore Girls. It was hot.

So hot that we got the air conditioner from the basement and brought it up. Unfortunately I didn't have the right screwdriver so we couldn't put it in. Blasted. But the night wasn't that bad. I had the fan on and slept like a baby. When I did come to bed, Keith still had some time before work and he wanted to do some cuddling, but I told him I was too hot. Then a while later when we were um doing stuff, he asked why I was too hot to cuddle but not too hot to do this. Silly man! It's never to hot for sex! Okay it can be but the outcome is definately worth the sweating - and think how many calories you're burning!

So today after work Keith has a chiro appointment. At first I was just going to take him but since my back has been bugging me on a constant basis I called and was able to sneak into his appointment with him. I have an appt. in 2 weeks time but I figure if I wait that long I'll have to go through the long weekend - camping and all the joys that go with - with a sore back. Not cool.

We're heading to T's tonight to watch Survivor. I'm gonna help her clean her pool - poor little chit has never done it before. I used to love vacuuming my pool when we had one. It wasn't a chore for me. Probably cause I love swimming so much. Plus you work up this sweat while cleaning it and then you get to jump right in! Sweet.

In other news, J called me yesterday out of the blue. He wanted to tell me that he got a new job. Um okay. I think he still holds the hope of being friends one day. I don't really see that happening...not in the near future anyway. It's his b-day today. I had forgetten about it until he called. I'm too busy concentrating on Keith's b-day - which is in 10 days! He's a hard guy to buy for. But I think I found a present that he'll like. I would write it here but yah he'll just read it and where would the surprise be?

Well I must go rush along the afternoon. rush rush rush

1:35 p.m. - 2004-05-13


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