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I'm indecisive today......I think.....

A big 'ol TGIF! Seriously, thankgoodness. I don't know why but I just don't want to be here. Although really I don't want to be doing anything to be honest.

I'm also having a pretty indecisive day. I'm up in the air about everything today. My lunch hour was a total mix up. At first I was going to go home, have some lunch and pack my gym bag. Then I decided I wanted to shop. Then I was considering staying at work and just grabbing something. Finally I left work and then even on my way home I changed my mind. I ended up going shopping. I was looking for something - which I can't mention cause it was for someone who reads this. Then after shopping I debated about what to do for lunch. I ended up making a very quick pit stop at my place, gobbled a sandwich and some crackers, packed my gym bag and ran out the door.

I don't even feel like going to the gym. That's a total understatement. We'll see what happens. I have to go to that plaza anyway cause Keith asked me to pick up a few things he forgot yesterday for dinner tonight.

Speaking of yesterday, am I ever glad I decided to see the chiropractor. I was debating on whether to call or not, then I would get up from my chair at work and my back would be hurting. That cinched it. The doctor did say there was definately something going on with my back. So I gues that's good - it means it's not in my head!

After chiro we did a bit of grocery shopping since Keith is out of everything. Then we headed over to T's. We ended up just looking at her pool since the water was still a tad to cold to swim in. Survivor was excellent. I am so glad Rupert won. He's just so cute - his family is too. His daughter looks like a minature of him - which is cute now but come a few years later it may not be so cute!

We got home around 10:30 or so. By 11 I was snoring. Too much fresh air I guess, I was whacked.

We managed to get my air conditioner in last night. And naturally it's gonna be colder on the weekend. Never fails.

I need a nap. I'm still tired. The thought of going to the gym is making me sleepy. But if nothing else can get me there than all I have to do is look in the mirror. Again more summer clothes that are too tight. Damn, this is getting old. I just wish the crappy weight would come off already.

I am looking so forward to tommorow. A vodka party. Brilliant. Just what the doctor ordered! Hmm a vodka diet? Stranger things have happened.

Bottoms up!

1:19 p.m. - 2004-05-14


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