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One whole year with my boy!

Okay this is gonna be short and sweet. I cannot remember the last time a day has gone by so fast. Seriously - it's like I've only been at work for a couple of hours. Insane.

So yesterday marked the 'official' day of our one year anniversary. As per my last entry I was a tad nervous/upset that we were going to do nothing. But my boyfriend must have picked up on the vibes (or the fact that I stormed out - in my own place nonetheless - the other night.) I was upset that he didn't want to celebrate. You know - no celebration means he doesn't care -of course that was my way of thinking which I must admit is warped.

But my fears were put to rest. I went over to Keith's after work and we went to Red Lobster for dinner - my absolute favourite! Gahhhhhh. Sorry drooling. We were going to go to a movie but then decided against it cause we would have had to see the late show - we're old. Instead we took a walk in the park near Red Lobster and I finished off my roll of film and then we went to Walmart. I love looking at pictures from parties - I forgot about them until I saw them. We also took a picture of us in the park that turned out pretty good (Keith held the camera and snapped). We also hopped over to Best Buy - I FINALLY got Finding Nemo. I've looked for that movie since x-mas. And now that I finally got it, I know I'm gonna see it everywhere I turn! But I don't care cause I now own it! After I pulled Keith out of the store (it's a grown up toy store for men) we headed back to my place. Unfortunately no action took place cause I had missed half of Gilmore Girls so I sat down to watch the last half hour and Keith layed down for a nap. So by the time it was over, he was snoring, so I did dishes. We sound married huh? But it was a perfect night.

Oh yah one funny thing that happened - on our way to the park we looked up in the sky and what did we see? A hot air balloon! In the sky! The injustice of it all!

So I just got back from a 2 hour lunch. Very sweet. We took a co-worker out cause she's getting married in Vegas. My morning was wasted in the mail room with a tech. No not like that! He came into fix the machine and we came up with a list of problems that he sorted out.

It just started to rain. Guess who's walking today? That's okay - it's my Friday. And I don't have to be back till Tuesday. Bliss.

Well I'm gonna go clean up my desk and get out of here! To start my super long weekend. Yah baby.

Can you tell I had 2 cups of coffee at lunch? Jitter bug!

Oh I almost forget to mention my homemade present for Keith. I made a scrapbook of our first year. It pays to be a pack rat. I had ticket stubs from all our major events and movie stubs and pictures. Came out pretty good if I do say so myself. Except for the picture on the front cover I have to find a better one for that. But it was quite nifty if I do say so myself!

I'm outta here!

4:12 p.m. - 2004-05-20


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