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Everyone who's thankful it's Friday - please raise their hand. Man, for a short week, it still feels so good for it to end. Next week is a short week for me too. I'm taking Thursday off to take Keith to see Cats - part of his b-day present.

Maybe by then he won't be upset with me for abandoning him. I'm heading home this weekend for my brother and grandma's b-day's. Their b-day parties are on Sunday and Keith wants to know why I have to go down on Saturday. I don't have to but there's this little thing - my family wants to see me - spend time with me. A weird concept I know. But there you have it. There was a time when I use to put my family and friends on the back burner - way on the back burner - for a guy. Nope not gonna do that anymore. I learned my lesson. Bad things happen to people who ignore their friends and family. Plus, really, when is Keith going to get the time to make me my jewlery if we're always together?! And how is he gonna realize how much he loves me if we're always together? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. He just may realize how crappy it is to be without me and decide that to hell with expensive engagement rings (that his girlfriend doesn't want anyway!) and actually propose to his girlfriend so they can start their life together. We ain't getting any younger.

Yah so now that that's out of the way. I have totally slacked on the gym this week. Exercise is not a word in my vocabulary this week. Yesterday I had good intentions but then I decided to take advantage of the weather and go vaccum and wash my car. I also did a few errands too. The washing and vaccuming was enough of a workout - I was sweating like a beast.

As for today. I'm figuring why ruin a good record of not going to the gym? I'm gonna do the crap load of dishes sitting in my sink and around my counter, then I'm gonna buy some groceries and make Keith dinner for once. I wanted to do this last night but everything seemed to take extra long and the day just wasn't going my way so I gave up. I will persevere.

I'm on phones all day at work today which is kind of pissing me off. Our one tech has gone off to Vegas to get married. She'll be back on Monday - thank goodness. If I had to do phones all day I might end up slittin' the old wrists. That's how much fun it is.

Well 10 minutes to lunch - left over pasta. yum.

I hope this afternoon goes fast.

12:39 p.m. - 2004-05-28


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