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Just another manic monday

Welcome to Monday - ugh. I have a feeling this isn't gonna be a good day. It's only 9 o'clock and I already knew this. Really though I knew it was gonna be 'one of those days' at 4 o'clock this morning. That's when I woke up feeling like my stomach wanted to rebel. It was bad. I ended up downing some pepto bismol and then sitting on my couch until the nausea passed. Then on my way into work today I walked in with a co-worker who was complaining about the same stomach ailments. Of course she has to make hers seem way worse but that's human nature I guess. I don't think she's gonna be here long - I get that cause she says that to anyone who says good morning to her. As for me I took a swig of the pink stuff right before I left for work so I'm hoping that will put an end to the problems. The tiredness is a bitch though. I didn't fall asleep till around 1am. But I was optimistic (or dumb) enough to pack my gym bag and bring it with me this morning. We'll see.

So my weekend was pretty good. Friday night Keith and I played with my car. It seems I have no left signal light on the back driver's side. Not good. Specially for the people behind me. It looks like it's not a bulb or a loose connection but the whole consul. Now I have to start calling around for the part. The good times never end.

On Saturday Keith came over to my place in the a.m. and caught a few zzzz's. Then we got up, had a quick lunch, dropped him off and I hit the highway to my parents. I also hit traffic - lots of it. The joys. But once I got there my mom was happy to see me and we spent the rest of the day together. We walked downtown caught the end of a christian band giving a performance and then we bought a few groceries. The rest of the day was spent playing scrabble, watching tv and having a de-lish dinner. Sunday I was up bright and early due to the fact there are no curtains on my window (packed). So I got up had some breakfast and chatted with my brother for a while. He's going to teacher's college in Buffalo. It's a 14 week course. Hard core. Then I went to church and the following hour was a blur. Just cause my dad's the preacher doesn't mean I don't daydream. After church there was a lunch in the basement that consisted of one small scoop of potato salad (I gave it to my brother) and one sandwich cut into 4 sections. And then tea/coffee with dessert. After that it was a mad rush to pack cars and sort out who's going in what car to make the mad dash to my brother's house 40 minutes away. The afternoon turned out great. The weather co-operated and we sat outside for most of our time there. No sunburns thank goodness.

*Side note - don't know if I'm gonna make it with this stomach thing - things are happening in there that don't feel quite right.*

So once all the food was eaten, the cake was cut and the presents opened everyone seemed to hit the road at the same time - around 6:30. I made pretty good time back - even with the bit of traffic in T.O. - and got into KW at 8. I didn't pass go or collect $200 - instead I stopped at Keith's. Who missed me. : )

Of course he also said we better not be this late next weekend! I told him that there wouldn't be 2 b-day parties so no worries. I would work him like a slave on Saturday but he'd be home in time for a long nap on Sunday. Speaking of the b-day parties, I think my presents went over well. My gram seemed to really appreciate the gift I got her - a gift box filled with candy and a HBC gift certificate for $25 on top. My gram's going to be going through some tough times emotionally and financially the next little while (I just found out the details this weekend) so I'm glad my gift cheered her. My brother seemed to like the sweater I got him. I always get my brothers clothes. They seem to really like them. Let's hope they're not just really good actors.

Well I must now go and debate how I'm feeling. I thought I would be okay with the swigs of pepto but now I'm beginning to wonder. It's a weird kind of day since our boss is away for a family emergency, we have our summer student here and a new girl just started. Someone has to show them the ropes. We have nothing figured out as to training schedules etc. Can we say unprepared?

I guess if I start having problems 'down there' then I will call it quits. Right now my stomach is just rolling every which way but if the problems make their way down then I'm definately hitting the happy trail. As much as my office would love to see me running back and forth to the loo all morning for long periods at a time that ain't gonna happen.

Have I mentioned how much I love Monday's?

9:08 a.m. - 2004-05-31


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