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My 2 Friday week

Day 2 of the no food diet. Okay not really but man drinking your lunch sure feels weird. You feel full but not really. Today I have a grilled chicken breast to go along with it but I didn't get a chance to eat it yet. I also brought some carrot sticks and broccoli. I am way to healthy for myself at the moment.

Keith's been a trooper. Last night for dinner he made us some grilled chicken breasts (thus the leftover today) and a 'lite' greek salad (minus olives for me). Tres tasty.

Although he did have to tell me that he lost something like 3 or 5 or 7 pounds or something like that (can you tell I was listening hard). I was going to say 'smugly' told me but that would be mean. Ahem.

Tonight is a quicky dinner since we'll be going swimming. We were hoping to grill up some burgers and have the rest of the salad. I wonder how he feels about bbq'ing in the rain.

It's been raining all day. So much for those weather forecasters. A few minutes of rain this morning and then relatively clear until late afternoon. Huh. Nope. I walked to work in the pouring rain and it hasn't let up since. Should be a fun walk home. But I'm not really minding it since I'm on this little 'fit kick'. I even made it to the gym yesterday. I'm pretty sore. I did some weights and a little cardio.

Last night wasn't too eventful. We did a quick trip to Walmart. I bought bulbs for the taillights for my car and a shirt that I really don't need. $10 I couldn't resist. After that we just headed back to my place. While Keith fixed my car (men are so great for that!), I made my lunch and snacks and then called C to see how she was doing. Not good. She had been crying all night. We spoke for a while and I think she was doing a bit better when I got off the phone with her. I really don't have a basis to comfort people who lost a pet. I just think about the times in my life where I've been so sad and my friends have been there for me and I'm now trying to repay the favour.

After that we went to bed but didn't actually sleep till after midnight. Bad bad man for keeping me up that late! Of course I'm still smiling so guess I can't pretend to be mad at him for being tired. Also today is my 'first Friday'. I get to sleep in tomorrow - yay! Then it will be my 2nd Friday - of course I won't get to sleep in on Saturday - sacrifices. I spoke to my parents today and they sound like they're hard it - packing and moving the small stuff.

Well my stint at reception is almost over and I must go eat a chicken breast! My liquid lunch doesn't seem to stay in my tummy for very long. Of course a benefit of having a liquid lunch is that I don't get that lethargic feeling after eating. Pros and cons.

I am so looking forward to Cats tommorow. When I was talking to C either by phone or email I kept calling it the 'play' cause I didn't want to say 'Cats' in front of her. I'm thoughtful like that. Or just plain loco. You decide.

1:16 p.m. - 2004-06-02


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