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My 2nd Friday...thank goodness!

If this was Monday I would probably shoot myself. But since it's Friday I keep convincing myself to hang on.

It has been a humdinger of a day so far. It started this morning when I lazed in bed talking to my boy on the phone -he called later than normal and we chatted later than normal. So I rushed through my morning rituals in hopes that I could pick up a quick tim's on my way here. I packed my gym bag, grabbed my vgo and rushed out the door to my car. Once in said car I realized I forgot my sunglasses - it's very sunny today. So I hauled ass back up the two flights of stairs to my apartment eventually found my sunglasses and then realized I had 5 minutes to get a coffee and get to work. In other words, coffee was out. So sad.

Then I pulled into the lot at work only to find my boss' spot taken. And not by her. So I zipped over to the freebe spots that we're not allowed to use and parked there. Upon investigation I found out that my oh so lovely boss offered her spot to the new girl. Yah you heard me offered it to the new girl! So I stewed and bitched to everyone about it and then finally I was pissed off enough to email my boss about it. I said that in case she got complaints that one of her staff was parked in the visitors it was me because I didn't know she offered the new girl her spot. My boss then had the gall to email me back and say some stupid ass answer like she doesn't mind her staff parking in her spot when she's away but sometimes she offers it cause she doesn't know who parks there. So of course I fumed over that answer and hit the reply button without hesitating. I then informed her that unfortunately since we joke around about my always using her spot I was under the impression she knew I parked there. I then said "my mistake. sorry. I guess it's better that I walk more anyway with all the nice weather we're having." What a royal bitch. Seriously, why doesn't she just slap me in the face next time too.

Yah so it took me a long while to get over that. Since then I've been floating around all day not doing much of anything. I have shitty things on the worklist that I'm supposed to get done but I don't wanna.

My parents came and picked me up at noon cause they're in town for my brother's grad. I thought of going but I was sick already this week and had a vacation day yesterday plus 2 people booked today off so it wasn't gonna happen. I'm not too sad since my brother is something like 697 to be called up to the stage - that's a whole lot of sittin' and clappin'.

Speaking of sittin' and clappin' yesterday's play was interesting. That's the answer I'm giving when people ask how it was. Apparently anyone who's ever seen Cats 'loves' it. Apparently I'm the outsider. It's not that I 'didn't like it. I just didn't get it. Seriously I couldn't follow the storyline. There was a spaceship and then there were cats singing and dancing. Um okay. Apparently if I listened to the 'words' of the songs I would be able to follow it easily. Except whatever they were singing I couldn't decipher. But it was good to know that the first few songs they were apparently pretty out of key - so it wasn't just me. All in all it was pretty fun. We sat beside a young girl with her mom and her aunt. The kid ate candy the whole time. Noisy candy. In between candy she coughed, coughed a lot. At one point I held Keith's hands so he wouldn't back hand her. I would have already done so by then. Of course I couldn't help laughing cause I was gonna reach over and hit her myself. And then at one point I was playing with my shoes and one slipped off and fell off the ledge beneath the person's seat in front of me. Heh. But the whole day was marred by the fact that I had the headache from hell. It just would not go away. I took pill after pill and it wouldn't leave. So during Cats I'm sitting there rubbing my head - I must have looked pretty silly - rubbing my head during a musical.

Afterwards we headed over to some store that I can't recall. I got mad at Keith cause he yelled at me for standing in the way when some kids went running by me. Now I have a headache and aunt flo is visiting - you're taking your life in your hands when you get me upset during this time. Yah so I yelled at him and stomped off. Luckily we glossed over it and continued on. But he bought me an 88 cent 2 year mini-calendar so all things are good. Afterwards we headed to Zellers I immediately went to the women's section, tried on 10 pairs of pants and shorts and walked out with one pair of black capris and black shorts. It's depressing not fitting in your clothes - I need somethign to tide me over. Come Wednesday we'll see how good this Vgo diet is. That's the name I've given it.

On another note my mom called yesterday to inform me that someone in my family had passed away. I honestly don't know how to feel. Obviously sad that someone died but really I think he is in a much better place. I think he's a "great" uncle or something like that but I've only ever known him as "Newt". Newt lived with my grandma all his life - I think they were twins. When Newt was small he was extremely shy. Once his mother died, he became introverted. So back then they used electric shock therapy. They zapped him senseless. He never spoke to another person again - except for my grandma. He hid from people. He never left his room - ever. Unless there was no one in the house. When I lived there I would sometimes come up stairs and he would be sneaking around and he would freeze like a mouse and just stand there until I had passed. He was all hunched over cause all he did all day was sit on a bed. Back when I lived in NS he didn't have a proper room so he was sort of in an alcove. He would sit on the bed with a blanket over him so he couldn't see people or vica versa (I was also very scared of him back then - if I went to close to him my grandma would yell at me - that was the only time she ever yelled at me - or else Newt would start this high pitch almost screaming - enough to scare the beejeebeez out of anyone let alone a young kid). It was a sad way to live. Only my gram could bring him food and he would mumble answers to her if she asked him questions. Apparently he went into the hospital 3 weeks ago and they found out he had advanced lung cancer. He died 2 days ago. I think he's in a much better place. I pray that he is happy and free now. And I pray that there are no more people out there who had to go through something like that. How could anyone think zapping a person's brain would help them become less shy? Talk about the dark ages. Wherever you are Newt, I hope you're happy and that you are up there chatting away a storm with anyone and everyone and sitting in the bright sunshine. You deserve it.

1:52 p.m. - 2004-06-04


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