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Shopping bonnanza or girls gone wild

So I think my boy is upset with me. I saw J yesterday.

Now let me explain. There was no lunch date or plans made to meet. He showed up at my work. He was in the downtown area cause he was getting his hair cut so he decided to stop in and say hi. We chatted for about 10 minutes in the lobby - 5 of those were spent hiding behind a pillar from my boss who was downstairs smoking (she kept catching me not working all day). I'm really not sure why J feels the need to visit with me. Usually he just talks about himself for the whole visit. To be fair he does ask me how I'm doing etc but I usually give short answers. I don't go on and on about how I'm doing - I don't feel the need to. He does (but then again he's always been that way). I was thinking about my ex's yesterday wondering why they bother to stay in touch with me. Rob and I stayed in touch and hang out occasionally because we were both stupid enough to buy super expensive mountain bikes together and so we have that in common. I haven't ridden with him in over a year but he's the only one I know who goes mountain biking. Plus he was my friend before he was my 'boyfriend'. I guess the same can be said for Pat. My second ex. We were semi friends before we became a 'couple'. We have mutual friends in common. But J he is in a league of his own. We were never friends per say when we got together. He just kept trying to be my boyfriend the whole time we knew each other. Then it happened - then he dumped me. Good story. I never in a million years thought J and I would ever be friends after that. But wounds heal. Everything does happen for a reason. My break up brought me to Keith. Now I'm the most happy I've ever been. I see my future with this man.

Of course the road isn't always smooth - especially when a red young haired guy is mentioned. I'm hoping that time is going to help this one out. J is one of my brother's best friends so it's not like I can guarantee I will never see J. He's probably going to be at my brother's wedding next year.

I'm not going to make it a point to hang out with J or see him for any particular reason but casual meetings are going to happen. I hope Keith realizes this and comes to accept it. Unfortunately trust is going to be an issue with us for a while - mostly him. I have my own demons to deal with - like us breaking up at any given moment without any warning. I truly do believe we can work through both of these things. To trust and believe in someone completely is a huge thing and should not be taken lightly.

Okay enough of that. Last night I went shopping with C. I spent a butt load of money. I was a spending machine. I bought 2 pairs of black pants for work, one pair of jean capris, one pair of comfy capris that I can lounge around in and one shirt. Oh and some stuff at Walmart and a dog. Stuffed dog. I was just telling Keith about this dog the other night. How I can't find it anywhere cause it's no longer in circulation. But this store had it as a classic. C and I walked past and I decided to get one on the way out - they had 2. We had some dinner at the food court and then I decided to buy the dog while we were right beside it. They had one left! I would have been royally bummed if I had come back to find them all gone.

We hit the Cambridge mall like a hurricane. We were going to go to Costco but then decided to leave that for another day. Good thing cause I was getting a little to loose with my debit card. Cha-ching.

So yesterday was so not a good day for any kind of healthy eating. At lunch I went out and grabbed a pita - not so bad. Then at the mall C and I grabbed some A&W - very bad. It's not over. Then last night around 10 Keith and I were watching tv and a commercial came on for KFC for the new twister wraps they have. We looked at eachother and we were gone. Me so bad. Now why can't I fit in my clothes again?

But I did walk this morning. This whole thing with my boss' parking spot may be a blessing in disguise. It forces me to get those legs pumping in the morning. Once I get walking (and it's not raining or a zillion degrees out) I enjoy it a lot. Especially if I have my discman on and a groovin' cd. Then it's all good.

So last night as I was in bed I was noticing that my right hand/wrist was kinda sore. I mentioned this to Keith but he was too busy being mad at me to care. This morning when I woke up it was even worse. It's kind of achy and I can't lift anything heavier than a feather without cringing. I wrapped it in a tensor bandage before work and it felt better but the bandage was way too big so I looked like a tard. I'm thinking of going to Shoppers and getting a smaller one. We'll see how it goes. I don't know what I did to it. I'm joking around saying that I carried too many bags yesterday. That would just be sad if it was true.

I just put the too big tensor on and it's a tad hard to type. But my wrist feels better. One fingered typing is interesting but very very slow.

Is it 4:30 yet?

9:02 a.m. - 2004-06-11


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