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Never ending eating and a new bike

Is it bad that it's only 10:30 and I'm bored already? This doesn't bode well for the rest of the day. On the plus side I get to leave at 4 (came in at 8) and my boss isn't here today. Although the 2nd one seems kinda wrong to write cause she's away because of a 'family situation' but she was originally slated to be away today anyway.

Remember my sore thumb/hand on Friday? It turned out to be a slight sprain. From shopping! So wrong. I believe it's from when I was in Sears and carrying a billion outfits to try on - I was carrying in my right hand - slung over my thumb. I guess I bent it a little too far back. So I spent the weekend doing a lot of stuff one-handed - not to much fun.

On Saturday when Keith got off work around 7am, he woke me up and we went scavaging at yard sales. We love to do that on the weekends - not! We were on a mission - to find me a cheap bike. Nobody had any bikes! We decided to go into the 'rich' part of Waterloo and found a nice neighbourhood that had about 3 houses having yard sales. Victory was ours. I found a bike that fit my criteria - it worked. Nothing else. Looks? Nope. Girl bike? Nope. As long as it peddled and had a seat I was happy. $35 later I drove away on my brand new (to me) bike. It only needed handle bar covers. One of the gear shifters doesn't work - Keith may be able to fix it but no rush.

I actually biked to work this morning KNOWING my boss' spot was free. Now that's hardcore. I thought for sure I would come up with an excuse not to. Like the fact that I'm supposed to give blood at 5 o'clock today. It would have been easy to drive and go there right after work. But no, I've pretty much hit rock bottom with exercise and eating so it's now time to start climbing back up.

For the last few days I totally gave up on caring about what I put in my mouth (food wise!) and doing any exercise. Obviously that's not a healthy way to be - mentally or physically. So it's time to start caring again. I just wish the weight would at least come off a little. A little encouragement would be good. I could start biking everywhere - that would get me in shape pretty fast - the gears that are missing on my bike are the 'easy' ones. Peddling is definately a work out. I still somehow fit into my clothes - after the the last few days of not caring - but I would prefer them to be a little less snug. Can you tell I'm speaking from experience? I'm sitting here in my snug capris and my comfy new adidas capris are sitting beside me mocking me. I can't put them on till I leave at 4 to bike home. The injustice. Speaking of my new comfy capris - I so want to go back and get more! Although the sale is probably over.

Anywho after our yard sale excursion we got some breakfast for me and lunch for Keith at Burger King - the french toast is definately not something I would order again. After we stopped at Canadian Tire and got the bike home we layed down for a siesta. Well I did - Keith just plain needed sleep. I got up after a couple of hours and putzed around till Keith got up and then we got ourselves ready and headed over to the Greek Food Festival. It turned out to be a gorgeous day. The sun was shining nice and bright and there was a nice breeze that kept if from being too hot. I had a combination plate that was most excellent. Keith got jipped cause they got his order wrong but he didn't complain. After we got some dessert - they love their honey. I ate way too much dessert. We didn't stay too much longer after that. Instead we went back to my place and took the bikes out for a spin. At the end of the half hour ride I thought I was gonna hurl. Sweet desserts and exercise do not mix. We ended up renting a movie for the night. We also ended up getting Taco Bell for our 'dinner'. That was just a bad idea. I had the taco bowl which tasted like crap. The other thing I had wasn't good either - probably cause I got steak and should have got chicken - live and learn.

Sunday we got up and were debating on what to eat (I guess the theme for this weekend was food) when Keith called his voicemail and found out that the bbq we were going to was moved up. So instead we hopped in the shower and got ready.

The drive there was nice until I got upset with my boy. We were talking about camping and it seems that he's not all that interesting in camping....with just me. Yah he wants a group of people. Now don't get me wrong, I love camping with other people having a fun group atmosphere. BUT I also love camping with just 2 people. There's just something that appeals to me about it. I love not having to check with others about what to do, when to do it etc. I also love just sitting around a campfire with just two people talking without any distractions, no tv or dvd's just us and a fire. Plus it's good when 2 people get out of their surroundings and do things on their own (a little romance wouldn't be bad for the soul every now and then). I was a tad hurt to say the least that he doesn't feel the same way. So I'm gonna ask our friends to go, I'm not gonna drag him to go with 'just' me if he doesn't want that. Sigh.

But the bbq turned out to be fun. Keith's family is a fun bunch. I met some aunts, uncles and cousins. We ended up leaving at 7 so Keith could get a nap in before work.

Well lo and behold someone just brought me a crap load of work. I guess I won't be bored out of my skull after all!

10:32 a.m. - 2004-06-14


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