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Guess who's going up in the air tonight?!

Okay this is so going to be one of my biggest challenges ever! I have to sit here and calmly type an entry and somehow kill the next hour and a half. Why? Cause I called the hot line and hot damn I'm going up in a hot air balloon tonight!!!!

I went out at lunch and walked to my little reading corner that I discovered yesterday and the weather was gorgeous and it was just wonderful. I'm reading a good book, I'm drinking my water, snacking on some 'healthy' party mix and life was just great. It was that moment that I started getting my hopes up for the balloon ride tonight. I kept trying to stomp them down but they refused to be beaten.

The information I have says to call the hotline at 2:15, I figured I would hold out till 2:30 or 2:19 I was dialing the number. All I heard was the flight for the June 15th evening flight is on. I hung up the phone without listening to the rest of the recorded message and went dancing through the office telling all my co-workers.

Now I'm starting to worry about them canceling it for one reason or another when we get there. But I'm pushing those thoughts away and concentrating on the excitment.

It does help that I'm getting complimenting left right and centre on my new clothes. I'm wearing the shirt I bought last week while out with C on our shopping extravaganza. Its' red, white and black mesh on top of a black spnadex type shirt it really is stylin'. It's something I wouldn't normally buy but C convinced me to try it on and lo and behold it looked good! Of course my boy won't get to see me in it cause I'll be putting on my biking clothes to bike home and then getting changed for our HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE tonight. Woo!

Calm Blue Ocean. Deep Breath. One hour, 24 minutes to go.

Last night I left work and biked home - not as bad as I thought it would be - but my butt is soooo tender. Once home I got changed, called Keith and talked about our tornado warnings and then headed off to give blood. Sometimes it's such a hassle I wonder why I keep doing it. Last night they were so slow and it was barely busy. Of course my iron test holds me up from the get go - they always have to use the machine to get a reading since my blood never drops when they do the drop test. Of course I whip through the forms pretty fast. Then once in the little room with the nurse the blood pressure machine wouldn't work - it didn't like me. Then once I was all lying down on a cot ready to have them prick me with the needle (the worst part for me) my nurse ups and leaves. Apparently this was unexpected cause the nurses then had to all gossip about it - while I'm laying there waiting for someone to prick me and get the blood dripping going! All in all it took an hour but it could have been a lot less.

I got to Keith's, who had dinner waiting (and let me know repeatedly just how long it had been ready). We had our bbq's burgers and fries and then headed out to grocery shop. The rain had just started when we got into the store. No tornados.

After all the dropping off of his groceries we headed to my place and scratched our yatzi and cash for life cards. No winna's. Then a tim's commercial came on showing their strawberry tart and then showed that they had a new one made with CHOCOLATE. The guy in the commercial went and got his woman one, so I made doe eyes at my guy for a while but he resisted. But finally he took pity on me and compromised. He would go to tim's for me and get me my chocolate dessert (and a decaf coffee) and I would go across the street and rent us a movie that he wanted to see. Done deal. Of course they didn't have the movie he wanted, so I ended up renting "Going Greek" - if you have a weak gag reflex I wouldn't suggest this movie. Not only was Keith out of luck but so was I - they only had the original strawberry tarts. Ummm one small problem - I don't like custard. It makes me gag. Thus I didn't eat the dessert and he got a little upset with me. But seriously I can't eat something that's gonna make me hurl - men can be so weird sometimes.

That was pretty much the extent of our night. A bad movie and a half eaten dessert (I tried to eat the strawberries of it but they tasted funny to me).

Have I mentioned I"m going on a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE TONIGHT?

So I spent the morning reading some journals and something that one of them said struck me. They were talking about why people get married. Their motives. For love, money, companionship etc. And she tells about how one of her good guy friends gave the best explanation for getting married. And I don't know if she reads me or not but I hope she doesn't mind that I'm writing about it. But she said that his whole take on the reason he got married was he wanted everyone else to know just how important his girl (insert name here) was important to him. The connotations of girlfriend weren't enough. The word 'wife' fit perfectly.

That struck a chord with me. I totally 'get' that. At my age boyfriend/girlfriend sounds like we're in highschool. And really 'manfriend/womanfriend' makes us sound like we're well in our 50's maybe widowed or divorced. I don't know it just seem to make sense when I read it. I don't know how to do all that linking stuff but her diary is Roklobster and she's hillarious.

Well one hour left to kill. I get to go down to reception so that should kill the next half hour. Our receptionist is super excited for me. I'm now emailing with Keith about tonight. I'm a tad hyped up. I should go calm down now.

Yah that's what I'll do - calm down.


2:53p.m. - 2004-06-15


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