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A farewell to my ducks....r.i.p.

Rain. I never did cartwheels when it was raining and I had to walk to work. But I now appreciate walking in the rain on a whole different level. I biked to work this morning. In the rain. Not fun. As I was getting ready for work, I peeked outside, it showed signs of having rained but no drops were to be seen. As I ate a quick breakfast, I listened to the forecast and they were saying how it was raining in Waterloo. Hmmmm. Not good. As I was about to walk out the door, I glanced one more time out the window - and whoosh - the rain was a pouring down. It was too late to decide to walk as I would be late - so I threw on a light coat (of course I was wearing a white t-shirt to bike in!) and headed out the door. The rain wasn't all that bad to start off but the closer I got to work the more it came down. But the puddles were the worst. Even tiny little puddles seemed to splash up on me and my new Roots backpack. The nerve! But I got to work in decent time and soon found shelter in the parking garage of my building. But the worst part came when I got into my office, grabbed my work clothes to change into and went into the bathroom. It was then that I noticed.....

My underwear was wet! Not damp - wet! It seems all that splashing of puddles not only made my pants dirty but soaked through to my panties wet...and not in a good way!

Yah so that was fun. Walking around with damp panties for half the morning. I dried them as best I could with some paper towels. I wasn't in the mood to go 'commando' so that had to do.

So as if my morning couldn't get any worse, I played around with my 'new' computer so more and could not get my damn ducky's to work! I saw the computer guy later in the morning and asked him about it. He was oh-so useful in letting me know that it is not (insert company name here) supported software and thus he could not help me. He did tell me that they were getting more strict and this was probably a result of it. Helpful huh? Of course I couldn't give up that easily so I played around more...and I wish there was a happy ending to instert here - but alas I must give up the dream of watching my ducks jump up and down on my screen. Stupid company. I mean jeez it's a stupid screen saver! If it helps us as employees get a little freakin' happiness from our long day at work then I say what's the harm? But I don't make the decisions around here! I shall get off this rant now cause it pisses me off to much. I miss my duckies. There. Really done now.

Anywho, last night I biked home and then headed over to Keith's. As he went to bbq our pork chops he realized the tank was empty. So off we trundled and got 2 new tanks. We should be set for the rest of the summer. We ate our lovely dinner and then set out for T's to go for a swim. The rain began to fall. We arrived at T's who had just gotten into her pool. She said she had to swim for the exercise aspect of it all. We watched her for a while and then the pull to swim became too much for me and I ran off to get changed into my swim suit and was soon swimming happily beside her. We swam for a while and then headed back into her freezing home and watched some tv. We left at 9 as Keith wanted to sleep before work and I had to call my momma back as she had left 2 messages the previous day when I had been out 'ballooning'. She had left another message and I could tell she was worried that I had fallen off the earth so I immediately called her back to lay her fears to rest.

After the phone call I watched some tv including some new 'reality' show about couples testing their love and devotion by sending one person off to a tropical island with a couple of tempting people of the opposite sex to intervene. I thought about this as I was falling asleep. Here they are taking people and putting them in a beautiful environment with no worries about money or where they're staying etc. and placing them with people who look like they stepped off a runway and who listen to their every word and whisper sweet nothings into their ear as they watch the sunset together on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. I mean who wouldn't have second thoughts about their current love? You're not facing the everyday realities that couples go through. They could put the couples out on those islands and odds are they would fall more in love with eachother. The show is crap. Yet I can't help but watching. One of my weaknesses.

Well I've run out of time. I volunteered to be at reception for the remainder of the afternoon. I found a few new journals and have been reading the archives - another weakness of mine. This will give me some time to feed my habit without interruptions (except for the pesky walk in clients) but they're easier to deal with than co-workers and boss's.

OH crap! I forgot to mention how SWEET it was this morning. It was ALMOST worth walking around with a wet bum - wait it was worth it! We weren't sure whether my boss would make it in today and one of my co-workers parked in her spot - guess who came in today? AND asked the co-worker to move her car?! Yah baby! It made biking here so worth it! Sore, wet bum and all!

2:07 p.m. - 2004-06-17


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