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The sum of my week

Been a while since I've updated. For a variety of reasons.

Had a talk on the weekend with my boy - wasn't the most pleasant. Mainly to do with his thoughts of marriage and us. We're on the same track but at very different points. A tad upsetting to say the least. I wasn't in the frame of mind to talk about it. And....really, I thought of not writing about it at all. Sometimes I feel like I'm giving him the advantage by knowing all the thoughts that are running through my head and I have to prod and probe him to find out what he thinks. But I'm the one who needs a record of what's going on in my life - gotta keep track. I wonder if I can wean him off my diary?

The other reasons I haven't written? The first 2 days I was actually busy and the next 2 I was off sick. Sick! In summer! That is so not right. Keith shared his cold with me. But rather than taking a week to cycle through the cold (like his) mine was much more time considerate. I don't go for days with a sore throat and then the other symptoms. Oh no, I have a sore throat for ONE day only and then wham the sinus cold hits hard. No slow death for me, nice and fast. Which also means it knocks me out pretty fast. I spent all of Wednesday pretty much sleeping and taking drugs. Thursday I'd say if I had pushed myself I could have made it into work but...I'm smart, I didn't do that. I have sick days, so I might as well take them. I slept in, got up did a little cleaning, then went outside and cleaned my car out. Man was I tired after that!

My motive for cleaning my car was simple. I wanted to go camping this weekend. Sure I was still feeling ill and the weather doesn't look to promising - but damnit I wanna go! So last night after I picked up Keith and took him for his chiro appt. (where he got a sinus massage - I was soooo jealous) we decided we were gonna commit and go camping. So off to Sobey's we went. I *ahem* had made a list so shopping wasn't it's usual..."I don't know what do you want" kind of fun that we always seem to go through. Then we ran a series of errands and finished packing the car.

I am so paranoid about being too cold that I keep adding blankets to the pile beside my door. I HATE being cold while camping. There's nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, listening to your teeth chatter and feeling like your nose is gonna fall off cause you're so cold and you couldn't just pack one more stupid blanket. So yah if I bring too many so be it. But besides that I think we're pretty organized (knock on wood!).

We're hitting the road when I get off work. We have one stop to make to pick up steaks for tomorrow's dinner and some ice for the cooler and then we're hitting the highway, following our map quest directions to a camping site neither of us have been to.

I'm not letting myself think about it cause then I'll get to giddy. And really? Using my precious energy on giddiness would not be the best idea. I've feeling better but not 100%. As a precaution I went and bought some drugs for the weekend in case we have a relapse (or can't sleep). So wrong...but so good!

I was smart enough to take a half hour lunch and thus get to leave half an hour earlier. Go me. My boss is away so shhhh don't tell her. Next week she's on vacation. Since I 'officially' and very loudly proclaimed that I would *not* park in her spot anymore I will still be biking to work. *sigh* Pride. Gotta love it.

But if I wanted to I could drive 3 out of the 5 days cause of my other co-workers. I'm debating.

Well that's about all to report. During our sicknesses, Keith and I did a pretty good job of taking care of eachother. Him better than me I think. He's a gem like that. Since he was still sick but I was at the beginning stages of the sickness he got to be more of the caregiver. Even though I was pretty much out of it on Wednesday I'm still glad that we got to spend that time together.

And really? Someone should inform him that when he's sick, his libido is supposed to be somewhat 'dampened'. On no, not my boy. He he. That must be why I love him so much. Well that and a million other reasons. Sickening eh? :)

2:36 p.m. - 2004-06-25


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