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Camping Trip #1

How to tell if you had a successful camping trip: your car smells like smoke. Oh wait...that's just because I still haven't emptied my car since the weekend!

Yah so our camping trip was a success. I was worried about the weather but it turned out to be better than we thought it would. Friday night was dang cold though. We got away relatively on time - with a few delays - I forgot my cell phone at work so I had to go back and get it before I picked up Keith. Then we couldn't find the marshmellows so we bought a huge bag when we stopped for ice (it turns out the other 2 smaller bags we bought had fell behind some stuff in my trunk. Lots and lots of marshmellow.

We got to our campsite about 7 or so. The place we had picked was mainly a trailer park. There were no other tent campers so we had the pick of the place. We chose a spot in the corner and we figured that we probably took up about 3 spots - we like to spread out. We got everything set up pretty quickly and then set out to make a fire and 'snack' since technically we had dinner on the way there.

We went to bed relatively early, Keith was off to dreamland while I laid there and tried to let sleep come. No such luck. The last time I looked at my watch was at 4am. I'm sure I slept off and on between 2:30 and 4 though. Yay.

I was a tad grouchy upon gettin up at 9. But I was soothed by one of the biggest breakfastes I've ever had. Big. Filling.

After we broke our fast (heh) we took our showers (free!) and then went for a drive to Kelso in Milton and went canoeing (my idea!). Right before we left I put on shorts that I brought just in case and boy was I glad, it turned out to be pretty warm even with the wind. We rented a canoe for an hour and paddled around the area - although Keith will say he did the majority of the paddling and he probably wouldn't be lying! I liked to take 'mini-breaks'.

After our canoeing we took a bit of walk and then decided to find a place to picnic (more eating!). We ended up at the beach where we made some sandwiches and snacked on doritos in the sun. We decided to head back to camp so Keith could catch a nap and I could laze around and read in the sun.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and eating - very enjoyable!

On Sunday after another huge breakfast we packed up and headed out. I knew that Sears was having it's scratch sale so I convinced Keith to stop so I could look for another pair of capris like the ones that I bought when I was shopping with C. We didn't have any luck at the Sears in Cambridge but they did have their sporting wear on at 40% off so I bought a top and a pair of pants and got $5 off on my scratch ticket. I then batted my pretty eyelashes and asked Keith if he would mind if we back tracked and went to Guelph so I could check the Sears there (he wanted to go home and nap) but he agreed and off we went. Victory was mine when I finally found a pair of capris similar to the ones that I have (in a different color of course).

After that we made it home without incident where Keith went to bed immediately. I parked myself on the couch and didn't move for 6 hours. Kinda sad. But I was bushed. I didn't want to sleep cause I knew if I did my nightime sleep wouldn't be happening. So I channel surfed and watched whatever was on tv (mostly the Cosby's). After Keith got up we had no ambition to cook anything so off we trundled to A&W for him and Arby's for me. Mmmmm roastbeef.

And that was our weekend! Nothing overly exciting but I loved every minute of it. Keith is fun to camp with (it was our first time together!). You never know how people are gonna be when it's just the 2 of you (or even in a group) and there's nothing to 'do'. No tv, dvd's, no distractions. It was just another way to show me how perfect we are together. I would hate if one of us wasn't into camping or were a total cranky pants the whole time - so not fun.

Unfortunately I've been spoiled with the whole eating thing. Large portions and often. I'm starving!

This week is a short one as we have Thursday off for Canada Day. Not sure what we're doing yet (if anything). I really really want to go see some fireworks. We'll see.

Last night we had T over for a bbq. She emailed me at work and was telling how she's kind of depressed. Her man is still away (going on 5 weeks) and her parents are going through some rough times. The more I hear about her parents situation from her and her mom (who I work with) the more I realize how bad it really is. So to cheer T up and give her a change of scenery I invited her over to Keith's. I think she had a good time. I met her at Dollerama where we did a bit of therapy shopping first. Shopping is always good therapy.

So that's all there is to report about that. My lunch hour hasn't even started and I just finished half of my lunch. Not good.

I've been a bad girl and have drove to work this week. It was just supposed to be yesterday but I learned of someone who is off this week and parked in her spot today. I see a pattern. Of course I told myself that if I drive I have to go to the gym. Guess who forgot her gym bag at home? I thought by mistake but I'm not so sure.

I'm getting that whole chaotic feeling I get when my living area is a complete mess. I have camping stuff lying around in my living room as well as a billion bills that are all over the place- not in one neat area! So paying bills is a major priority and cleaning up and laundry is tied for 2nd place. The gym? Who knows anymore. Of course this doesn't keep me from bitching about my weight and appearance. Sigh.

I could use the cold excuse. It's still trailing on. All weekend long Keith and I kept the fire burning strong with all the kleenex we were using!

Yah the sick excuse. I like it. I'm using it. At least for today....and....maybe tomorrow. I gotta go eat now.

11:50 a.m. - 2004-06-29


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