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Me bored? How can you tell? Oh the 2 entries gave it away!

B-O-R-I-N-G. One and a half hour to go. I have done nothing all day. Not one piece of work. Technically I have work sitting on my desk - but really - that's what Monday is for! So for today I am slacking hardcore. I got our summer student running around doing the mail/puro and I got the new girl sitting at reception. Life is good. As for me? I'm sitting here reading journals - woo!

I did take a break at lunch. I went shopping. Apparently I shouldn't have. Shopping is bad to my health. I decided last night that I needed more summer shirts. Last years shirts are 'spaghetti strap' numbers and I no longer feel fit enough to wear them. Don't even get me started on that! So I decided I needed more 'tank top' numbers - wide straps but still sleeveless. So I went ot the little mall here and went to the only clothing store in it.

15 minutes later I'm in the changing room sweating like a bastard. My forehead is beaded with it. I got all shaky and felt icky. Kind of like if I haven't eaten anything all day. But that's the weird thing. I had my breakfast and then around 11 I had a muffin and my tim's coffee. I can't figure out why I would be feeling like that.

Of course it didn't stop. So I walked around the store feeling woozy and shaky and sweating like I ran a marathon. Finally I bought a pair of white pants (yah I don't know either) and a black top (you can never have too many black tops - just ask my boy).

Rather than stumble down the street I headed to the dollar store and bought myself a bag of mini snack mix and sat on the bench out front and ate some. After I felt somewhat better I resumed my shopping.

Since clothing was done (remember only one clothing store in the mall!) I headed for Shoppers Drug mart where I bought a crap load of 'feminine products'. Have you ever noticed that you seem to run out of everything all at once? So many varieties of tampons! The checkout girl must have thought I was 'bleeding like a stuck pig' (that was something one of my ex boyfriends always said whenever the fact that I was having my period was brought up). Yah that's why he's an ex!

After that excursion (oh yah I bought a choco bar too - it's a pre-requisite when you buy a crap load of period stuff), I headed over to grab a sub for lunch. I was starting to get the whole light headed feeling again and I wanted to buy a dozen subs and super size them! Instead I bought one foot long and am now delightfully full.

I think I'll head over to the water cooler (no one hangs out there in my office btw) grab some water and come back and continue to read some journals. Good times...well at least for me!

3:05 p.m. - 2004-07-02


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