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A short week - a long day

I am part of a very elite club. I am one of the very few people who have to work today. It's an honor.

That said, I think it's gonna be a loooong day. It is dead today. I made the absence list for work today and I swear it would have been quicker and easier to make a list of who is here today!

Traffic was nil. I left extremely late this morning and still made it with time to spare. I was feeding my addiction this morning. Sex and the City. I'm on the 3rd Season but I think I missed a disc each in season 1 & 2 - the price you pay for renting and not buying. Now that everyone has 7 day rentals I rarely find the discs. It was a fluke that I found the whole 3rd season in at the same time so I snapped it up. I've watched the first disk and most of the second so far. I'm addicted.

So let's see in other news. I was 30 numbers off winning our 50/50 at work. The winning # was 783694 and I was 783664. So close. Heh.

Um oh yah! At the beginning of the week I had some mini drama with my car. On Monday at 7:45am I was about to hop into the shower when there was a knock on my door. I threw on my night shirt and there was a guy on the other side of my door. He told me he was visiting and parked in our only visitors spot and when he was pulling out he hit my car. He offered to give me all his info and pay for the damages. So I threw on some clothes and went down to inspect the damage (man I had wicked bed head). It turned out that our bumpers had barely hit and the mark that was on my bumper will come off with some good old fashioned elbow grease. Whew! He still gave me his name and number just in case. I thanked him for telling me since obviously he could have just drove away. It's nice to know there's still some honest people out there; gives me something to strive for!

So of course I told all my friends what happened and I guess T got a little jealous so she thought she would out 'do' me. On Tuesday she totalled her car. Yah totalled. What a gal. She apparently was making a left hand turn and the light turned yellow. She waited for one car to speed through the amber light and then proceeded to go - the truck that was behind the first car sped up to 'make the light' and hit her on the passenger side. I saw pictures of the car last night and it gave me goosebumps. It looked worse than I had imagined. She's okay thank goodness. Just bruised and sore. Her man is hopefully supposed to make it home today.

So yesterday, Canada Day, turned out to be a pretty lazy day for me. I stayed up till 2:30am Wednesday watching some Sex and the City and Gothika with Keith. I got up just before 10 and lounged around the rest of the day. Apparently it was pretty nice out. Keith got up around 3 and at 4 I laid down. I can't believe how lazy I was! But I was tired enough to sleep for about an hour! At that point it was critical to get up before someone called the lazy police. So we got ready and headed over to Keith's for a bbq'd dinner of burgers (after going through the debacle of trying to get my lounge chair over to his place; the chair was too big for my trunk so we stuck as much of it in that would go and then tied the rest). After dinner we visited T for a while (I got the privelage of taking some pictures of her bruised body - of course my damn camera took the opportunity to give me attitude). When it showed signs of getting dark Keith and I got going. We headed to Columbia Lake to watch the fireworks. Keith was a wee bit cranky on the ride there cause of lack of sleep but luckily he was okay once we got there. We parked pretty far and joined the masses in walking there. We walked all the way to the water to see where they were setting off the fireworks and then we ended up sitting right there. We sat on a hill that was kinda steep but once the fireworks started to go off we could lay right back and stare up at the sky - very cool - when I wasn't sliding down the hill!

The fireworks were awesome! I LOVE fireworks. I don't know what it is about them but if I have a chance to watch them I am so there. I love the finale's when they set off a whole bunch - beautiful!

Getting out turned out to be pretty fun. The hoards of people took over the roads. We made a few unwise turns and sat in a lot of traffic. We made it home around 11:15 (almost one hour after the last firework went off). Keith left for work at 11:30 and I headed to bed. I wasn't too tired so I read for a while and then fell asleep around midnight or so.

Getting up was so not fun. The people at my morning radio station obviously weren't working cause I didn't wake up to my morning news (bastards).

And now? Now I'm here at work. We're about to leave for break to go walk up to Tim's for a coffee (mmmmm!). At lunch I have some shopping to do and maybe I'll be a little late coming back. :)

Tonight Keith and I are gonna try and go to bed at a decent hour and head to Wonderland and get in as early as our Season Passes will allow (a benefit of being a 'member'). It's supposed to be pretty warm tomorrow so I'm hoping that we'll spend some fun times in the Water Park. Wee - I get to walk around in a bathing suit!

Well that's all for now. Time for coffee!

9:27 a.m. - 2004-07-02


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