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My weekend and then some

Just another manic Monday. I think I should listen to that song every Monday. Just a thought.

I'm bored. Not bored as in I have nothing to do but bored with what I have to do. Make sense? I blame it on the crappola weather. Thank goodness the weather was decent on the weekend.

After my super exciting day at work on Friday I headed over to Keith's and talked him into going to Walmart with me. I bought 4 new tops. At 7 bucks a pop - pretty good. 2 of them were black - all were the same style. I also bought a pair of jean capris. Didn't really need them but another pair of capris can't be a bad thing. They're not as nice as the ones I bought when I was out with C. But they get the job done.

We stayed up way too late on Friday and got up way to early on Saturday. Keith was up, showered and dressed before I could even form a thought. Being the great guy he is, he popped out and picked up some food for breakfast while I blurrily made my way to the shower. We were on the road to Wonderland by a little after 9am. The day was hot already so we knew it was gonna be a scorcher. We spent the morning going on roller coasters and throwing away our money on games. After lunch we changed into our bathing suits (payed the exorbirant fee of $5 - plus another $5 for deposit for a locker) and then headed off to play in the water and the water rides. We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening there. Afterwards we spent another few hours at the park and finally headed home around 9 or so. Tired and a bit pink (we wore tons of sunscreen!). We got home and I immediately had a shower cause I felt all icky from the park (way too many kids in the wave pools nuff said). We had a light bite to eat and then very soon we headed to bed (well at least for me Keith managed to stay up another couple of hours). Around 3am I woke up feeling nauseous. Too much sun. I got up and had some pepto bismol and then sat on the couch till the feeling that I was gonna hurl passed. About an hour later I went back to bed.

Of course I couldn't manage to sleep in Sunday morning so I got up and finshed my Sex and the City marathon. Keith got up around 2 just as I finished the last disc. We eventually went out to the mall so I could pick up my pictures and so I could feed my craving for my favourite little japanese food place at the mall. I was good and only spent $20 on items that I didn't necessarily need. Heh.

Afterwards we stopped to drop off the dvd's and as luck would have it, they had all of Season 4 in plus the 3rd disc of Season 2 that I had missed. We also picked up some food for dinner and just as we were about to step out of the store - bam - it began to rain like the world was ending! Just running the 50 feet to the car I was soaked!

After we got home and dried off Keith played a game on his computer while I popped in a disc to Sex and the City. Very exciting times.

** Okay let me just say that my bra is driving me nuts! When I lean over to do something a piece of plastic digs into my arm. Now that I think about it, I believe that I removed those pieces from previous bras so I think I'll be doing some operating tonight on this bra**

So anyway getting up this morning was such a joy - not. I laid there for as long as I could but then I realized that I couldn't remember our coverage schedule for today and if I was supposed to open reception. So I made it here at 8:28 and luckily found out that it wasn't me - whew.

As I drove here I thought about telling a co-worker that I have 2 spots this week (she's the one who started taking my boss' spot from me - granted I told her I was done with it so I can't really blame her!). Anyway I didn't mention it but then sometime around mid morning she came over to make some chit chat and told me how she phoned my co-worker who is off and asked if she could park in her spot. My co-worker told her that I had first dibs (woohoo) and that she would have to ask me if she could. I took pity on her and told her about the other spot that was offered to me this week. I know I'm too nice.

I made the mistake of heading home for lunch today. Seeing as how I got out of bed at the last possible minute there was no way I could slap a lunch together. Traffic is friggin' insane on my road cause the other main road in the city is 'closed for stupid construction ALL SUMMER LONG!'. Luckily I know a few back roads to my place so it shaved off a bit of time. I, of course, watched some Sex and the City (man it was a funny one) during lunch. I was also a good girl and packed my gym bag and even brought it with me so I could go after work. Go me.

I'm gonna try and get back on track with the gym and healthy thing. I have my first class this Thursday for boxercise (that's if it's not cancelled due to lack of people who signed up for it!). I was worried cause I also have my chiro appt. on Thursday but then I read my schedule for the week and realized that it's tomorrow! For some reason I made it on a Tuesday which is not my normal day I would make it for. Interesting.

Oh yah I have an interesting dream story. On the weekend I was having a dream and in the dream I was laughing a lot. When I woke up I asked Keith if I had laughed out loud and he said that I had and that I had woken him up. That's funny! I had a feeling that I had laughed out loud but wasn't sure. I wish I could remember what had been so funny.

A weird thing is happening when I'm signing my name lately. My last name starts with a G and I keep making the letter like an S. Guess who's last name starts with S? Yah Keith's. But shhhh don't tell him - he might get all freaked out like guys normally do. It will be our little secret. That would be more effective if he didn't read this diary huh?

1:16 p.m. - 2004-07-05


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