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A chocolate cake kind of Friday

I'm on a sugar high. I think this is a bad thing. I've been trying to be a good girl this week. I've been eating a lot of fruit. I just had a piece of super chocolate cake made by our receptionist. God it was good.

Actually it might have been too good, I'm feeling kind of ugh....and I'm craving blueberries. Strange!

Is it wrong to hurt and like it? Physically hurt? I went to my first boxercise class last night. I signed up for it and am paying $22 for 8 weeks - every Thursday. I wasn't sure it was gonna happen since it has to have 4 people for the class to be a go - we had exactly 4. Whew.

And it's nice to know how exactly out of shape I am! I don't think it helped that I ate kind of close to the class - my chicken fingers took longer than expected. I'm trying to clean out my freezer, so I'm eating whatever food is in when I get the opportunity.

Of course since Keith and I didn't communicate yesterday (email, phone) he waited for me to get to his place before he ate - oops. He was a little peeved with me over that. But really - he knows me - or at least he should by now! I'm eating lunch at noon this week - my class was at 6 - it was gonna be a hard class - would I (or could I) go all that time without food! Nuh-uh. Not this chickita. So he didn't eat, developed a headache and we spent about half an hour in silence at my place - him laying there, me reading. Exciting times. Finally he went on his computer and I turned on the tv and watched some more Sex And the City episodes. And then finally Keith ate something. It was bugging me. I didn't want him to go to work hungry (I'm weird like that).

We layed down at 11:00 and I was out like a light. I slept solidly until my alarm went off. Ugh. I just remembered my dream! I dreamt about my friend Lee (my ex's Rob's sister). Her name was brought up a couple days ago (weird how things like that happen). In real life she has long beautiful brown hair. In my dream she had her hair in weird shortish braids. Very funky. I have to call her and catch up!

Today at work is pretty dead. It's the summer so this is to be expected every Friday. People love to take long weekends - even when the weather is crappola. I'm wearing a sweater - inside and outside! On the upside we went to Tim's at break so I had a good coffee. All week the cafe downstairs has been out of vanilla hazelnut, the only coffee that doesn't knock you out with it's taste. I've been drinking some pretty wicked coffee all week.

My week of driving is up. Back to *sigh* walking next week unless by some miracle I find a nice, cheap bike this weekend..pfft....not likely.

Tomorrow we're going to the Italian Festival in Guelph. The weather is 'supposed' to co-operate. Should be good eating times.

Oh yah yesterday I went to the used book store and found a book on the 'sale rack' by an author who I just read and loved her last book. I love when things like that happen.

So I'm wearing a pair of capris that aren't too flattering. I guess that's what I get for buying them at Walmart. Of course that doesn't stop me from wearing them. This is why I'm a good canidate for What Not to Wear. I'm wear things (a lot of times) cause of comfort not looks. Don't get me wrong, I'm not like this all the time. Take yesterday. I wore my 'damn I like the way I look in this' outfit. My black 'tummy control' pants with my awesome sweater set that I got to wear to Michael Bolton. That outfit looks so good on me (and I don't say that about very many clothes - especially these days!).

Well it's almost lunch, I have to run to my car and repack my gym back - I tore it apart last night to dig out my sneakers for my class (of course they're packed at the very bottom). I also have to take back some gummy bears that Keith bought yesterday. Stale is not even the word - these things were gross. And he wasn't going to take them back or let me do it. Silly silly man. As I get older I find I'm less tolerant when it comes to getting my money's worth. I not only want value but I want to be satisfied with what I buy. If something's broke/ripped/tastes bad then I'll take the time to return it. I ain't made of money! $2, $3 or $5 add up pretty quickly.

Kinda weird...but I'm not too hungry. I really did try and hold off eating that chocolate cake but ummm yah that didn't happen. I guess I'll have to run my errands first and then come back to hopefully eat my lunch. In the book I'm reading it says that too many people eat by the clock and not by their stomach. I'm guilty of that. But really when you work in an office you kind of have to eat on your lunch hour. But I guess not eating chocolate cake would be a good way to stay on track of eating when you're supposed to! Live and learn.

11:29 a.m. - 2004-07-09


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