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The pain of Monday - literally

I'm at work right now. This is signficant. Why? Cause I don't feel well. Normally at the drop of a hat, at the mere tickle of the throat I'm on the phone calling in sick to work. But today? Today I peeled myself from my comfy bed and came to work. Albeit I did drive. I had planned on walking to get back into 'the swing of things' but that was not to be. The problem? I have an upset tummy - that's putting it mildly. Yesterday cramps gripped my stomach with brutal intensity. We're thinking it's something I ate - we've narrowed it down to a bad tomato. But to still feel ill today? That's not cool. Why did I come to work? Well we were gonna be down 2 people and I felt bad since we always seem to have someone call in sick on a Monday and today is no exception. Yup one of my co-workers did indeed call in sick.

And really? It's one of the lamest excuses I've ever heard. You see, on Friday she had an incident with one of our 'business partners'. Granted he was being an ass but she had almost her whole team as witnesses. Anyway on her message she said she spent the 'whole' weekend upset and throwing up with a migraine headache and so today she can't come into work. Puleeze. This is so bad but today it is her rotation to do a job she absolutely hates. And she's sick. Nice. So here I sit at reception, clutching my spasming stomach and smiling prettily all the while. At least I walked into the building with my boss and moaned the whole way in and of course made her acknowledge what a trooper I am - before we found out my co-worker was away. Go me!

But I should stop patting myself on the back cause really if I'm not feeling better by lunch I am so out of here. Seriously. This is just not right. It's gotta be more than 2 slices of a tomato gone bad.

Besides that bit of hellish fun the rest of the weekend went off pretty well. Pretty uneventful. On Saturday night we saw Anchorman - it was okay but not something I would see again. After that we debated about going to the drive-in but there wasn't anything good playing so we ended up going back to my place and then taking a walk down the tracks. That was fun. Afterwards we got back and ordered us some good ol chinese food.

It seemed to rain a lot this weekend (even some hail!)luckily the first time it happened we were sitting dryly in A&W watching the rain and hail storm down. Dry, until the store started to flood - fun times. But we scedaddled out of there before anything else happened.

Okay reception is getting busier, my cramps are getting busier so I'm gonna end this now. Thankfully it's break time. I'm gonna go get some fresh air.

Did I mention that our vacation is not looking so good? I guess Keith's boss can't get anyone to cover for Keith but he told Keith to go ahead and take a week. But my boy doesn't want to leave his boss in the lurch (which is admirable....hmmm to like your boss enough to do's such a distant memory for me). I told him to ask his boss about September. I just learned about this situation this morning - yup that's right my boy called me. It has been weeks since he's done that - I kinda missed it.

No luck on buying a bike yet - but I guess it would help if I actually looked!

9:26 a.m. - 2004-07-19


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