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vacations and eyebrows

What to say...what to say? Not to much is new. Still watching my p's and my q's with my boss. Abiding by the time limits of 'internet usage'. Blah. T's mom did come up and show me how to delete my history on the internet but really if I.T. wants to see what I do bad enough - they will.

So Tuesday I went and got my massage - my therapist made sure to mention that my shoulders were quite tense and full of knots. As she was rubbing me I swear I was so close to moaning out loud. Lord but it felt good. On the way over to Keith's I made a pit stop at the LCBO and bought me a big ass bottle of wine. I got to Keith's and he made us a nice juicy steak with baked potatoes (and burned broccoli - nothing can be perfect). I swear I got quite ditzy on my 2 glasses of wine but food was the cure. We thought of going to a movie but the timing wasn't right so we just headed back to my place to sit in the nice air conditioning.

Last night we had a date with T. We went over to her place and saw her new vehicle. A very sweet vehicle that I can never remember the name of! We also went swimming - sweeeet. She also gave me her gym transfer that expires the end of this month. I'll only be paying $20 a month for the gym - how cool is that?

It was a good night. I was alseep the moment my head hit the pillow.

I got woken up by a phone call with good news. Keith has managed to get a week off in August. Woo - vacation time! We're looking at going to Darrien Lake in Buffalo. That would be awesome. I emailed my boss this morning and I have it reserved.

But now I must go and get my eyebrows waxed. Trying to make an off-the-cuff appointment was just not happening. And they never have anything for the evenings so I just booked it over my lunchhour. I really hope I don't come back to work with that red strip that sometimes happens when I get them done. Pretty me.

1:25 p.m. - 2004-07-22


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