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I'm trying something new. Writing up my entries and then copying and pasting. This will eliminate any unnecessary internet time thus keeping me out of trouble. For a while anyway.

So this past weekend was pretty good. I headed into T.O. to meet up with S. T actually kept her word and came along. We got there an hour later than we arranged though. We were swimming at T's and having a good time lazing in the sun that we didn't want to leave. But we got to S's and drank our faces off. We ended up not going out to any bars as we were all too lazy and not dressed appropriately. So instead we kept drinking and then took a walk in the park. S and T didn't have sweaters on so they were wrapped in blankets - we blended right in with the homeless people in Toronto. We took a few pictures so I'm interested to see how 'good' we look. Sunday was pretty much a write off for me. Recuperation day. Thankfully I didn't drink enough to 'give back to the porcelain god'. But I was a little headachy and queasy. But that didn't stop us from going to Ikea and spending 2 hours there. We even had their $1 breakfast. Pretty darn good. I didn't buy too much, just a few little items. T bought a bookshelf and we actually managed to get it to fit in my car. Go me.

So yesterday since I couldn't go play on the computer I decided to play with my new heart monitor. I strapped it on me and walked around the office checking my heart rate all day. Fun times. Then I went and worked out at the gym. Wow - what a difference! I really wasn't working in my target heart rate - Keith was right! So Iím going to follow their little suggested plan they have in their book and see how that works for me. It means less gym time for me - for the moment. Building up the endurance and all.

So the big thing at work is flex days. Most of the office does them. For example you pair up with someone and you each get every other Friday off. The only catch is you have to make up the day off by adding extra minutes to each day. It can get pretty complicated. My co-worker and I did up a proposal about a year ago at my boss' urging might I add - she denied it. It apparently wasn't the right time. So I guess she's suggested it again. But she likes to play that game - good boss - bad boss. She'll suggest it and then go on a tirade about us not talking about it during working hours. It wouldn't be so bad except there's 5 of us so pairing up is kinda hard. And our 5th person is someone who's not too reliable and if she ends up screwing it up that cancels it for everyone. We're having a mini-meeting with her today to discuss our issues. I'm not expecting it to go well. And for the recordÖ.we're all taking 15 minute lunches so we can legitimately meet for 15 minutes. Go us.

As I was driving home at lunch yesterday, my check engine soon light came on. Grrrrreat. So once at home I grabbed my handy dandy car booklet and flipped through it. It has something to do with the 'emissions'. I groaned and wanted to throw the book through the window and drive away. You see, in the mail about a week ago I got my little it's time for your emissions check-up reminder. Money grabbing bastards. So of course reading this in the book my heart sunk. It did say there were a few minor things it could be and since it wasn't 'flashing' I was okay to drive with it on. That night I told Keith who brought to my attention that this was especially bad since we're planning on doing quite a bit of driving on our vacation - double crap! I hadn't thought of that. The problem? Well as it turns out it was my gas cap. My gas cap wasn't on right. I was of course relieved. But then I started to wonder why my gas cap was loose. I got gas on Saturday - I filled up. I'm neurotic about my gas cap. I always make sure it goes on right - I twist it until I hear 3 clicks or more - then I know for sure it's on right. So I guess this means someone was playing with my gas cap. Grrrreat! Man I am so hating the kids in the park behind my apartment. I know itís unfair to blame them but I do. So there.

And I am not even going to get started on the talks I've been having with Keith lately. The M word. And as I was informed last night, nothing changes cause of these talks. So I'm wasting my breath. Nice. Moving on.

I'm gonna go try and post this. Wish me luck. Cause if this doesn't work my entries will be very sporadic. All I can do is try.

12:38 p.m. - 2004-07-27


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