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Bending over for the boss - ouch!

How many years till retirement? Right….too many to count. Sigh.

Well so far the only good thing about today has been my morning. I was woken up with breakfast ready - homemade waffles (not the frozen kind!) topped with ice cream and a dab of whip cream. Decadent but very good. Needless to say my boy spent the night last night.

No my morning got bad the moment I walked in the door and saw a note beckoning me and my fellow co-workers (the ones who I'm working on the flex days with) to meet our boss in a meeting room. We got reamed. Royally.

Weird - but I’m not sure when we turned into kindergartners. I knew our boss was pissed when she sat down crossed her arms, crossed her legs and began to swing one leg back and forth. Body language. As it turns out she was upset that we had our little meeting yesterday and not only did we run overtime by 15 minutes but we didn't tell her we were having it. So that was a fun hour sitting there discussing this. I'm beyond caring sad to say. Yesterday when I was talking to a co-worker she looked at me and said, "you really are unhappy aren't you?". I put on a good face most days but sometimes the face slips and the unhappiness shows. Maybe if I hadn't had the good experience of working here at all I could tolerate not liking my job so much. Who knows?

So for now I feel like my boss is slinking around corners ready to catch us at whatever act we aren't supposed to be doing. Great way to feel.

I guess I'm really really hoping that things will change. I'm hoping our new co-worker will be able to pull her weight when she finally does get better from her car accident and is off modified duties and back on full time. I'm hoping that I can get back to a place in my job where I can like it again. Fingers crossed.

As for today? Today I have to break it to my co-worker that we're excluding her from our flex plan. We realized that we have to have the plan in this week or next and with her uncertainty of what's going on medically we don't want to have to wait. So we're going to propose to her that once she's given a clean bill of health we'll be more than willing to write her into the agreement. I hope she understands. I'm gonna be doing a lot of finger crossing!

In other non-work related works, Keith found out that he doesn't have to work this Sunday night - bonus! An actual long weekend! For me it's extra long as I took this Friday off too. On Saturday we're heading up to visit my folks. It's my dad's birthday. It will be nice to stay longer than we normally do - a real visit!

I'm actually being a good girl and not bringing ALL my laundry up. With my brother, sister-in-law and 3 kids living there not so sure how free the machine will be. But I am bringing up all my sheets and towels etc since drying them in my dryer would take about 3 hours and they'd probably still be damp. Not worth the hassle - or money!

Speaking of laundry. This morning I stashed my laundry downstairs and when I go home for lunch I'm going to run downstairs and throw it in the machine. Do a quick load at lunch (I hang it to dry in my living room on a little rack). I haven't done whites in a few weeks. I feel very efficient when I do things like this at lunch. I did debate on whether I would go home for lunch this week since I'm driving but I need the sanity break at lunch - getting away from the office. And sometimes walking around downtown trying to avoid buying anything just isn't enough.

Tomorrow's my Friday. This makes me happy. Lord give me strength.

12:42 p.m. - 2004-07-28


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