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My Friday!!!!

Thank goodness today is my Friday! I am so ready to start the weekend. You have no idea. Yesterday was bad very bad. After the whole meeting with my boss in the morning I didn't think it could get any worse - I was wrong. I had to tell my co-worker that the 4 of us thought she should wait until she's back on full time with no medical restrictions before she joins in for flex time. She didn't take it the best. She told me to tell the others that if she wasn't included now then she would withdraw herself and never join in (at the end of our conversation she amended that by saying I should tell they that they could kiss her ass). Of course I was supposed to be telling her this during non-working hours. But I had 15 minutes before my training so I went down to see her on another pretense. And then everything came unraveling. A few minutes later one of my other co-workers came running in and asked to speak to me. It seems my boss had thought about it some more and decided to take the pressure off us and tell our co-worker that she couldn't do it until everything was sorted out with her doctor and her restrictions etc. Our boss was telling us that we didn't have to tell her so we didn't look like bad guys. Shit! Too late. So I went back in and told her she probably had an email from our boss and we both read it. Now of course my co-worker is fuming and threatening to call all the higher-ups. By this time I'm late for my training so I leave her to stew on this while I run back up stairs (literally - taking the stairs). I tried to avoid my boss but she eventually found me and brought me in to tell me the same thing. This is where I probably should have come clean, but I was so damn confused that I just kept mum.

And that's where it was left. Now we're all speculating on how our co-worker will be when she comes in at 12:30 today. Will she even come? Will she be wanting to confront our boss? Will we (more importantly me) get dragged in to this mess? Deep breath.

I wish I had nothing to write about rather than work drama! I could talk about earwigs. God I hate those things. Despise! They are the most disgusting, grossest bug out there. They scamper so fast and they hide in/behind shit. EWWWWWW!

My bathroom has become a room I run into, do my business and run out. In the shower this morning I thought I spotted one on the ceiling (no glasses on so I'm speculating). I swear I took my eyes off the spot for one second and when I looked again it was gone. So this of course had me freaking out. I'm looking around everywhere, I've never shampooed/conditioned and washed so fast in my life. Stupid evil bugs.

Last night I went to the gym - strapped on my heart monitor. My heart beat was 131. 7 away from my work out target heart rate zone. Nice.

I was just amazed I went and worked out. I was close to not going cause of the days events but I decided my health is more important than running home and hiding. Of course that didn't stop me from thinking about work ALL LAST NIGHT! It helped that my co-workers said the same thing this morning - it's not just me.

Well it's just about break time. I shall post this. Then go on break, then go to front counter where at 12:30 I will be the first thing my pissed-off co-worker will see - oh joy. And of course I'll be starting my lunch so I won't want to stand around and chit chat about this. I'm treating myself to a sub at lunch today…cause….it's my Friday!

10:02 a.m. - 2004-07-29


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