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A re-cap of the Long weekend

I kind of doubt that I should be typing this entry right now. Here's the story. Lately I've been noticing that my left hand has been bothering me - more specifically the pinky and ring finger and then onward down the hand. It bothered me a bit on the weekend but not too bad. This morning I started typing and BAM the pain was back with a vengeance and then and only then did the lightbulb go off in my head - it's my keyboard! When they 'upgraded' my computer they gave me a swanky new black keyboard that is much smaller than my previous one. Rather than having the space to type, your fingers are all smushed together and thus the pain. As soon as this lightbulb moment happened, I emailed my boss with my realization and she authorized me to order a new keyboard this week. It won't match with the black monitor but I could care less. Apparently I'm not the only one in the office that is having this problem. Maybe the people who make these keyboards should try them out before selling millions. Just a thought.

Thus, needless to say, typing this is pretty painful. But record it or lose it - that's my motto.

My Friday off was awesome! I did nuthin'! I slept in, watched some tv, lazed around and went to the gym during the non-peak hours. Afterwards I picked up my boy and we headed off to get our hair cut - no waiting involved. Then we did a bit of shopping and had some dinner.

Saturday Keith got home much later than normal due to his boss being off on vacation. We were supposed to leave around noon or one and hit the Sports Outlet store on the way to see my parents. I realized that this wasn't gonna happen since Keith would probably want more than 4 or 5 hours sleep. So I let him sleep till about 3 then we got up, got ready and headed down to see my parents. On the way down there I realized that I could hit the sports store on the way back on Monday! Keith didn't jump for joy over this fact but he agreed to allow me to cut into his nap time on the way back so I could shop for some much needed sport bras. The ones that Walmart and Zellers sell will not cover these boobs of mine. Nuff said. I found 2 sport bras, a pair of shorts and a pair of Nike shoes. The shoes were gratuitous but they were only $45 so I couldn't pass them up. The sports bras were of course out the wazoo but what can you do? They were luckily 'on sale' so it only cost me one arm not an arm and a leg! Bargain.

So the time at my parents went pretty good. I was a little worried with the over-crowding situation. With my brother and his 3 kids living in the basement I figured it would be a little hectic. It was but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I forgot how fun it was living with a kid in his 2's. It's his way or….a temper tantrum! I think his mom has basically given up cause she seems to let him get away with a lot. For instance? Well the other 2 kids (both 5) and some people were playing a game on the PS2, my nephew wanted to listen to his cd on it. He kept creeping closer even though he was told no. I could see his little finger inching towards the eject button so finally I got up and moved the station away from him which of course got a nice big crying reaction from him. But his mom was standing within one foot of him during this. She knew he was going to go for it but she didn't seem to care about stopping him. I don't know, I'm not a parent so I'm gonna stop there. Walk a mile in their shoes I guess.

My parents are taking a much needed vacation this week and going to do some camping. I think they need a vacation away from the kids for a while – can’t say I blame them. My dad teased with me the idea of them getting a pool – not in the near future but someday. My uncle is selling Ickabod – the family land. Him and my aunt want to live in a real house with running water and toilets – luxuries. We’re not sure how the land will sell – since….it’s land….in the middle of nowhere. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that new pool! I will miss it though. It was novel having a piece of land to go to. I will especially miss having Thanksgivings there. The fall colors were gorgeous and there was just something about being out in the open that made you appreciate everything even more -–which is kind of the point of Thanksgiving.

Well the day is just about done. It was extremely hectic. Now I’m off to the gym – beh. I am so not even motivated to go there. But I did one good thing today. I finally booked my dr’s appointment! I have a list of things I need to discuss with him. I’ve learned to bring a list cause the man comes in like a whirlwind and I always forget to ask him things. Be prepared. Well it’s quittin’ time.

4:31 p.m. - 2004-08-03


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