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Vacation catch up

Well guess who's back? I don't think anyone should have to come back from a vacation on a Monday - it's just not right. Then again I don't think there's ever a right day to come back to work! You know it's bad when you have an anxiety dream about coming back to work 3 days before you're due back. There's something really wrong about that.

Before I get into the whole vacation aspect I thought I would talk about my new keyboard that I had ordered right before I had left on vacation. Things were smoking along the whole half a day I had to use it. Things have now grinded to a halt. The pain is back. Say what? Yah you heard right - the pain is back! Well paint me orange and throw me in a pumpkin field - this wasn't supposed to happen! My keyboard was supposed to fix the pain in my little left pinkie. Not so. Being the super duper employee that I am I just moments ago took this problem to my boss. We then did a walk around the office looking at other peoples keyboards. Comparing them etc. My boss was under the impression that I had ordered an 'ergonomic' keyboard. I had ordered the basic model cause I thought that would solve my problems. Tomorrow I am to use her keyboard since she shall be out of the office. Hers is a split ergo keyboard. We're looking at ordering me an ergo one if hers feels better on my poor little pinkie. The ergo one is about $120. Cha-ching. Here I was trying to save the company money. Not to be I guess.

Okay now that that is done with let's talk about vacations! Specifically mine. I forgot how much fun not working is! Seriously it is the best! I don't think I would ever have to be worried about being bored if I was a multi-millionaire - I would find things to do and none of those would include working 'for fun'. Uh-uh not this girl.

So what did I do you ask? Well we kicked off the start of our vacation by going to our favourite bar that serves the best wings ever - Morty's. They were having a 20th anniversary party and we had signed up to go. There was some free ap's (not that appealing), some casino games in the basement (way too crowded to play) and a free glass with a drink ticket inside - cha-ching. We were hooked. We ended up having a better time than we both thought we would. We drank, we ate, we played some games, we drank some more and we topped the night off with some expensive wings (they're only cheap on Thursday's and Monday's). Sunday we went to Keith's family picnic and spent the afternoon sitting around talking and eating (sunburn number one).

Monday we set our alarm super early and were out the door by 8am headed to Niagara Falls. After about an hour and a half detour (yah so we didn't look at the map before we started) we finally ended up in NF's around 11:30. We got to check in since our room hadn't been used so we stashed the stuff we wouldn't need and jumped back in the car to head 'across the border'. I don't know what it is about the border but I swear every time I go across either coming back or heading into the States I feel like I'm guilty of something! We were going to Darien Lake - no stop over for shopping nothing -but still I was anxious and jittery about answering the guard's questions. Good thing I don't look like a guilty person. Of course coming back they probably took one look at our sunburned tired faces and knew we were telling the truth about where we had been and what we were doing all day.

Once across the border, we managed our ways through a million toll booths (exaggerating just a little - but seriously - toll booths - ugh!). We finally arrived at Darien Lake around 1 o'clock. It was much smaller than I thought it would be. I guess I was expecting something on the same scale as Canadaís Wonderland. But they did have one kick ass ride that we donít have Ė Superman. Man that ride was amazing! Itís one of those rides that youíre thankful for being alive when the ride is over. We spent the majority of the day there and didnít leave till we had spent a lot of our funny money (U.S. dollars) on games. We walked away with a butt load of stuffed animals though. Oh yah I also managed to drop my disposable camera in the lake when we went on our paddle boat ride. This ladies and gentleman is why I brought in a disposable camera. Iím a klutz. Luckily the film was half used so the first 12 pictures came out the rest were (not surprisingly) damaged.

We managed to make it back to Canada even though I forgot to Map Quest our way back and the map we bought wasnít all that helpful. But my navigator steered us on the right course. We were exhausted when we got back to the motel. Thatís when we learned that the cheap room we rented for the two nights was cheap for a reason. The bathroom door wasnít too keen on shutting, there was no AC in the room, the tv didnít come with a remote, there was no telephone (although there was a telephone book!) and oh yah the bathroom window was gone Ė as in smashed out. Pull the blind down and no one is wiser. But it was a place to lay our heads (albeit an uncomfortable one) but nonetheless it didnít cost us an arm and a leg so we were happy. The pool was half decent too. Although I only swam once and that was just for a few minutes. I had to at least go in it once! I think I may have been a fish in my other life.

Okay so this entry is getting a bit long. Let me summarize (since I did write all this down in my vacation journal). I started this journal quite a few years ago and now whenever I go on vacation I write down everything I did Ė itís nice to look back and read cause you sometimes forget the small things.

The rest of the time in Niagara Falls was spent doing a lot more walking at Marine Land and some good eating out at this awesome pasta place (we never did make it to the Olive Garden Ė sad but true). Then Wednesday we drove back (in a bit of a tiff over breakfast Ė I wanted it Keith didnít (he wanted non breakfast food but wouldnít suggest anywhere! Enough to drive me to drink!). Finally after a good hour in tense silence we started talking again and went to African Lion Safari. We took the bus through since I didnít want to chance my car getting beat up by the animals! More walking afterwards (good for the legs I guess!).

The rest of the week we spent relaxing, eating and spending money. On Friday night we went to Keithís sisters to celebrate their one year anniversary in their house. The party lasted All. Night. Long. I kid you not. Man, you know youíre old when! We spent all of Saturday recuperating. We got up sometime in the evening and went bowling and had some more food. I made the mistake of having Mc Dís for lunch and spent the rest of the day and night feeling gross from it. Thatíll teach me. Sunday we ended up going to the Renaissance Festival in Milton. More walking but very fun. More money spent. I got an awesome anklet though (just donít mention it to Keith cause I got it from the booth that pays a lot of attention to its clients if you know what I mean). I also bought a necklace and a slave ring oh and a canvas bag and a goblet. Yah I was on a mission to spend any remaining money I had! But it was great fun.

Now vacation time is over. Now I told Keith that Iím going to concentrate and give it all I got for one whole month as in eating healthy, working out etc. That gives me one whole month till my birthday Ė coincidence? Nope. This is my incentive. To look and feel better by my (gulp) 30th birthday.

Speaking of whichÖ.guess what I got in the mail last week? A letter that was an article from the paper about using some solution to look younger. There was a sticky and it said (My name) try this it really does work! No signature and my name and address were typed on the envelope. A mystery! Iím still wondering who mailed it to me!

Okay itís time to go. My very first day of Ďbeing healthyí and Iím not going to the gym! I forgot that I was supposed to give blood today. But on the upside I did eat healthy. Except for 2 chocolate covered almonds. I was with my boss, they were a diversion tactic not to have to much conversation with her! 2 almonds is a small price to pay.

4:33 p.m. - 2004-08-16


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