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who knew the gym wasn't all that bad?

So the thing about 'eating healthy' (I won't say dieting) is that after a day or two and especially after four you really think there should be some miraculous results happening. You think that the gallons of water you have been drinking over the past few days should have started to make some impact - besides the fact that you pee every half hour. But, alas, that is not the case. Sadly, it takes more than 4 days of changing your eating habits and exercising more to see results. I shall keep trying.

See, this is my problem. I'm a results-oriented person. I want to see them now. I wish I was one of those methodical people who plan out everything step by step and have a 5 year plan for everything in their life. (I think I'm describing a serial killer but whatever you get the gist). I'm like that with everything though. For example. I'm planning our Oktoberfest outing in October. People wanted to get a head start this year so we all get to go and we go to a good festhall. So being the organizer that I am I got the ball rolling. Then this afternoon, after I had finally located the festhall online and found out prices and dates I wanted to run down there with my visa card in hand and buy all our tickets NOW. I got so excited just thinking about going. Waiting kills me.

Of course that's also why my friends torture me by telling me they having something good to tell me/give me but won't until they see me. My boyfriend is the same way. Not knowing and waiting to find out something drives me up the wall.

I started an entry earlier but it was a very long rant about how much my bank has pissed me off. They upped the minimum limit of what you have to have in your account for the whole month or else you're charged service charges. I went under this month (ouch!) but last month I was good but I still noticed that I wasn't reimbursed. So I called the idiots and they told me this changed back in June. They were pretty unapologetic that I wasn't informed. So I whipped off one of my infamous emails telling them what I thought about their lack of customer service and also letting them know I will be switching banks. Ass munchers.

There. That was a much more condensed version than my first. (lucky you)

So tonight, we're supposed to go out for wings with T and her guy. I know I know it doesn't fit in with the healthy eating plan but what can you do? I am going to boxercise tonight so that helps a little. Unless of course they cancel it in which I'd have to grab my gym bag and run to the gym for a quick workout.

I find that even though I've only worked out Tuesday and Wednesday I feel more energized. I have more spunk if you will. Yesterday Keith and I actually went together which was really cool. I even did some weights this time and I have the soreness to prove for it today. I wasn't going to do any since I have the boxercise class tonight but I was feeling energized at the time. Of course I could also be feeling more energized cause I'm not putting crap into my body - but whatever.

Well it's quittin time. Time to go fit in some doctor Phil before my workout. Good times.

4:30 p.m. - 2004-08-19


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