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exercise & sex (sadly only one happened)

Holy triceps Batman. Yah, that's my way of saying how sore my arms are - actually it's my whole body that is sore. Ow. So last night at boxercise I showed up and there was the instructor standing there. That's all. No one else. Me and her. Talk about personal training. I asked her if she still proceeds with the class or if there is some kind of protocol. She said that normally it's a minimum of 3 people. She asked if I wanted to stay and do some stuff anyway. Then just as we were about to get started another girl walked through the door. Whew. Normally this instructor is a little robotic or on auto pilot when she teaches. I'm not sure if it was our talk before class that got her revved up (we spoke of her teaching and her lack of enjoyment lately then I spoke of other classes I have tried and how much I enjoy the class etc). But this instructor was definitely on Go from the beginning. She was working harder than normal, making jokes etc it was pretty cool.

Of course today my body is paying the price. Someone must have made a joke about love handles cause she worked our sides out like there is no tomorrow. Just the thought of bending sideways in my chair to pick up something makes my sides hurt. Ouch.

For a brief period of time I toyed with the idea of getting up early this morning and going to the gym. Ha. Even if I didn't stay up kinda late making my contribution to our potluck today, my body wouldn't have let me. The only reason I got out of bed this morning was so I could stand under the hot shower. I know it sounds like Iím complaining but trust me I love every minute of this. There's something addictive about being sore from exercising. It makes you feel like you accomplished something. Or I could just be warped.

So I feel like one of those crazy ladies you see on the street who wear all their jewelry at once. I'm wearing all 3 pieces that I bought last weekend at the Renaissance Festival. It doesn't really match when you wear it all at once. I will be taking the slave ring off soon cause I think it's a little too much for work but the anklet and necklace are staying on. I'm a rebel.

I am so digging my new water bottle from Darien Lake. But I think Iím going to buy a new one for the gym. A smaller one that will fit in the little slot on the machines. Mine is too big. That way I can keep this one at work. The only reason I'm drinking so much water is cause I like the bottle. I'm superficial that way.

Last night Keith and I entertained the idea of sex for almost a full minute before we realized that both of us were too sore to do any of the work. Kinda sad but mostly funny.

I have a bottle of wine sitting in my bag beside my desk at work. Tempting.

Well this morning went back way too fast (although really I guess that's a good thing). I was gonna try and go see my boy at lunch - maybe a little lunch time nookie - but it wasn't meant to be. Story of my life I tell ya!

Well that's all for now. Have a great weekend!

12:59 p.m. - 2004-08-20


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