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Feeling in the mood

Life is hectic. At work at least. Crazy. Insane. I'm in the process of making up a billion coverage schedules for this week and next. These won't get used as every day we have a different person(s) off. Never fails. But, alas, gots to keep the boss happy!

So this morning was good for me. I stepped on the scale and was down 2 pounds. Doesn't seem like much but to me it was a great moment. Of course I then started saying things to myself like, well last time you weighed yourself (one week ago) you were probably retaining water. Rather than give myself credit I make excuses as to why I could be down a couple of pounds. I must learn to stop that. And unlike Keith my weight doesn't fluctuate day to day. So the scale being down, even 2 pounds, is a big thing for me. It also motivates me to stay on the right track. *big smiles *

Besides that little piece of news not much is new. Keith and I went to the gym last night. It's pretty cool going to the gym with your significant other. Of course the down side of that is he gets to see me at one of those times that it's not so flattering. All sweaty and sticky and c'mon those exercise clothes aren't the most flattering (unless you got the body for it of course!). I wear these huge t-shirts to the gym cause I don't like ones that stick to me - especially while I'm working out. At the women's gym I can wear sleeveless t-shirts but it's apparently to risque at the co-ed gym. I guess they're afraid people might swoon if they see an upper arm or gasp a shoulder! *rolling my eyes*

Something did happen at the gym though, Keith and I ran into Paul. Paul is one of the first guys I met online. I think he was the second or third guy I met in person. We met, nothing clicked at all (for me at least). He was nice but so not my type. I let him down gently after that. Or at least I tried. We're now email chat friends. We both work downtown and have met for lunch once or twice. I was hoping that with Keith meeting Paul he would see how pointless it would be to be jealous. He says there's still something to be jealous about since Paul and I 'made out' when I dropped him off on the one and only time we went out (our initial meeting if you will). The 'make out' session involved Paul leaning over right before he got out of my car and placing a kiss on my lips. I was too shocked to move at the time. But the kiss ended abruptly and Paul got out of the car and we said goodbye. That was it. I drove away knowing that we could never make it work. When a guy kisses you and the first thing that runs through your mind is 'ick' then that's just bad.

So that was our gym excitement. After we left the gym we stopped at the grocery store for the fixings for dinner then ended up at my place. I was actually in a cleaning mood so I actually put a dent on the clutter in my apartment. I'm hoping to buy more containers today to start storing more of my stuff. Keith was also in the mood. But it wasn't for cleaning. * huge grin*

All in all it was a pretty sweet night. I gotta get that boy to the gym more often!

4:28 p.m. - 2004-08-24


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