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Who's a tired monkey?

*I apologize ahead of time for the lack of coherency in this entry*

You see, I am a tad tired. Tad, being an understatement. I went to bed at 11:00 last night, slept fitfully for an hour or so and then I laid there in pain/discomfort - call it what you will, I couldn't get comfortable. I finally got up and took a couple of Tylenol. Unfortunately by then I was wide awake. Keith ended up getting up and I stayed in bed and eventually turned on the light and read a while. Around 3am I finally put the book down, turned off the light and concentrated on trying to fall asleep. Give or take a half hour I had finally succeeded. This morning, of course, was death. If Keith hadn't been there to force food down my throat and badger me into getting up I would still be sleeping peacefully (after calling in sick of course). But alas I am at work. Tired to the bone.

I promptly wrote my boss an email this morning (well actually I wrote the email last night during my sleepless hours of the wee morning & transferred my scribbled writing into an intelligent email) and sent it to her. I'm guessing that my pain is stemming from the fact that I sat at a desk that wasn't mine for almost 8 hours straight yesterday. I'm turning into 'one of those people'. One of the 'complainers'. Considering the company I work for it's not a stretch or a surprise that I turned into one of these people.

But enough about my ailments. I met up for lunch with my friend S yesterday. She was in town with her man and they were visiting friend's etc. At lunch S asked if I would be interested in going to Bingeman's Water Park after work for FREE. The place where she's currently employed let's her go to a lot of attractions for free. She had talked about coming back to KW to do a few things but like everything else time got in the way. I jumped at the opportunity to spend some time with her - in a water park was a bonus. I emailed Keith to let him know the change in plans and then met up with S at 4:30. The water park was pretty lame. Good thing it was free! It turns out that both hot tubs were not working so we got a free token each to go play on the water bumper boats - those were fun. We finished around 6:30 then S called her man and off she went back to the big city life. It was good to see her.

My man wasn't too happy with the fact that I had altered our plans but as I found out many hours later he was more upset with himself than me - and they say women are complicated!

But we salvaged the night and watched us some Great American Race and had us some roast beef sandwiches for dinner. I so wanted to see the models shave their heads. Chickens. They should have been eliminated. And really? Praying? I believe in the power of prayer but to win a race is abusing it if you ask me!

I still have my sneakers on at work. Don't know if it's so I can escape first chance I get or the fact that they're so damn comfy I don't want to remove them. Maybe both.

Keith made my lunch for me - I don't know what it is - but he can be terribly sweet sometimes.

I think yesterday with S is going to go down as one of those spontaneous happy days that you look back and remember with a smile. Something totally unplanned but fun as all get out. File in the good memory category.

My bra doesn't fit right. I'm wearing an old one that no longer even pretends to support me. Thought I would mention that for the record.

September 1. 14 days and counting. Game on.

4:37 p.m. - 2004-09-01


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